It was simply lucky✩

He sees her, she sees him. Love at first sight. You're kidding right? Every girl wants her fairy tale ending. But when she meets 1/5 of One Direction on her birthday, it's impossible to have a typical love story. Was it meant to be? Or was she just lucky?


8. we would become a couple

Who would've thought, after spending four amazing days with Niall that we would become a couple. Just a few weeks ago I thought that I would never be lucky enough to even meet Niall, but now I'm his girlfriend.  

We continued to walk around the city; surprisingly his little disguise was working quite well. He brought me an ice cream and I brought him small chips from Nandos. We were walking across the road when I spotted two of the girls that I met at the logies.

"Deanne, Lauren!" I shouted as I waved to them.

"Oh my god it's Isabel!" I heard Lauren say.

I whispered to Niall, "I met them when you were walking the red carpet, they're massive fans!"

"Well let's go over and see them."  

Niall and I walked over to Deanne and Lauren, while our hands where still entwined. I gave them a hug each and stood back with Niall.  

"How are you girls?" I asked them.  

"We're both really good, still in shock about seeing the boy's last night." said Deanne.

"It was a good night. Well babe this is Deanne and Lauren and Deanne and Lauren this is uh..."   Niall removed his cap, sunnies and black wig.

 "This is Niall" I said.   Lauren and Deanne were is total utter shock. They both couldn't believe what was going on, there was Niall right in front of them.

"H-h-h-h-hi Niall." said Lauren as she was struggling to get her words out.

Deanne was still standing there in shock.

"Would you girls like a photo?" he asked.

"Yes please, that would be great." said Deanne.

"Thank you so much Niall that was so nice of you." said Lauren.

 "Well it was really nice meeting you girls, but Isabel and I have to go." said Niall.  

"Yeah it was really good to see you girls again." I said to them both.  

"We will have to catch up soon, yeah?" said Deanne.  

"Of course, see you both soon." I said as I hugged them both goodbye.  

"I can't believe I have to say goodbye to you now." I said.

"I want you to come with me." Niall asked.

"I can't babe; I've got work and uni." I apologised.   He pulled me in for a hug. I didn't want to let him go.  

"Good luck with your concert tonight." I said.

"Thanks beautiful." He said as he kissed me on the forehead.

"Well I have to go now." I said sadly.

"I will miss you, but I'll call you every day and we can skype and text."  

"I'll miss you too."   He quickly pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

"Say good bye to the boys for me and good luck in Brisbane and New Zealand." I said as I gave him one last hug.   "Thank you, bye babe."

Our hands separated and I walked back to my car. I turned around and saw him smiling at me, I smiled back. I got into my car and drove home. As I opened the door to my room my phone rang-   "Caller: Laura & Kate."

"Laura, Kate!" I shouted as I answered the phone.

"I have so much I need to tell you about!" I spent ages talking on the phone to Laura and Kate.

The three of us had been best friends since our very first day of school. Laura and Kate were twins, even though they look and are nothing alike. They moved to Tasmania when we were just 7, but somehow we managed to stay best friends. They were both massive Directioners, so when I told them the story about Niall & I they didn't believe a word of it.  

"Bullshit!" said Laura.

"I'm being serious, Niall and I met in Sydney and saw each other every day until tonight, he leaves Melbourne tomorrow." I said.

"Have you got any proof or are you just messing with our minds?" asked Kate.

"I can email you both a photo of us, and then you might believe me." I laughed.

I found a few photos that Niall and I had taken on my laptop while we were watching the footy this afternoon. We were joking around and having a bit of fun, like pulling faces, hugging and one of us kissing.  

"I will send you the one of us making stupid faces." I said to them both.

"Okay, we will see if your lying or not."   Image sent to Laura and Kate.

I was still on the phone to the both of them, waiting for them to receive my email and find out that i wasn't joking.

"Wait, is this legit or is this just some pretty amazing photo shop work?" Kate asked.

"Um no, no photo shop, it's 'legit'" I said as I laughed.

Kate and Laura were fangirling for a while as they were in shock about my new relationship. I was still in a lot of shock too, I mean, I was dating someone that I had loved for a year, someone who didn't know me until last week. I used to be in love with Niall Horan, a band member from One Direction but now... I'm in love with just a guy called Niall; this was true love and not just some celebrity crush.

Abbey rushed into my room with our home phone.  

"It's someone special for you." She said as she winked.  

By this time it was around midnight. I had gotten off the phone to Laura and Kate but I was skyping them instead.  

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