It was simply lucky✩

He sees her, she sees him. Love at first sight. You're kidding right? Every girl wants her fairy tale ending. But when she meets 1/5 of One Direction on her birthday, it's impossible to have a typical love story. Was it meant to be? Or was she just lucky?


2. Oh, Just Niall From One Direction


(3 hours later)    

"Thanks for dancing with me Isabel" he said.  

Thanks for offering; I've had such a great night!"  

 "No worries, I had lots fun. Hey, quickly before you go, can I get your number?  

"Yeah sure" Of course I would happily give Niall my number.  

"Thanks babe. I will text you in the morning so you have my number"  

"Okay, well I will talk to you soon!"  

He gave me a hug before walking out the doors.  

What an amazing birthday I've had. I wake up to the sound of Ed Sheeran's song 'Lego House' and knew that It was my phone going off.  

"I CAN'T FIND MY PHONE" I screamed. 

"It's over here, calm down" said Carly. 

I quickly answered my phone. I couldn't recognize the number.  


"Isabel, its Niall. How are you this morning babe?"  

"Hey Niall, I'm alright thanks. Just have a sore head. How are you?"  

"I feel exactly the same, can't even remember how many drinks I had last night".

"Oh I lost count. How's Zayn? Is he smashed too?"  

 "Nah he is actually feeling great! Hey I was wondering If you wanted to catch up for lunch today before I fly down to Melbourne tonight?"

"That sounds great! I fly back tomorrow morning. So when and where do you want to meet?"  

"Hmm I was thinking maybe 1:30 at Nandos? I heard there was one down in Manly".  

"I'll be there!"

"Awesome, see you then babe"  

I was still in shock. I couldn't believe I laid eyes on Niall and Zayn last night and then I get a phone call from Niall!     I walked out of my hotel bedroom to find all the girls on the couch.  

"isabel, who was that on the phone?" said Abbey.  

"Oh just Niall from One Direction"  

"What? Did he ask you for his number last night?"  

"Yes he did, just before he left the bar."  

"Well, what did he say?" Taylor asked.  

"He said he wanted to catch up for lunch this afternoon." 

"Are you serious, oh my god!"

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