It was simply lucky✩

He sees her, she sees him. Love at first sight. You're kidding right? Every girl wants her fairy tale ending. But when she meets 1/5 of One Direction on her birthday, it's impossible to have a typical love story. Was it meant to be? Or was she just lucky?


4. A Man Pays On The First Date

As we arrived at the airport the taxi driver helped us with getting our suitcases out of the boot. We quickly ran to the boarding gate as we took longer to pack than we expected. I swiped my boarding bass and started walking up the stairs to the plane. I knew that once I land in Melbourne that I would see Niall again.

"Attention passengers, we are now arriving in Melbourne. Thank you for flying with Jet Star."said the pilot over the speakers.

The girls and I walked down the stairs into Melbourne airport. There was a security guard there holding a sign saying 'Isabel and Friends'.

"Girls, over here" I said as I spotted the security guard.   We walked over to the guard.  

"Hi I'm Isabel and this is Abbey, Chloe, Taylor and Carly."

"Hi I'm Preston, this way to the car".   Preston kindly helped us with our suitcases as we walked outside to the car.   We put our bags in the back and jumped into the black hummer. Inside was Niall. I wasn't expecting to see him until later on.  

"Hey girls how are we all?" said Niall.

"We're all good. We had a pretty good flight!" I said. 

"Wow sweet ride we have, hey?" said Abbey. 

"Well I thought I'd pick you girls up in style! We will go to crown hotel and meet up with the boys."  Niall's plan sounded fantastic.

"Sounds great!" said Abbey.

Abbey was also a massive Directioner like me. I could tell that she was fangirling majorly on the inside. Her favorite boy was Harry.  

We drove for about 20 minutes until we finally reached crown hotel. We all got out of the black hummer but we left our suitcases in there so we could collect them after the logies. By this time, it was about 12:30 and One Direction were going to be singing 'What Makes You Beautiful' for about 300 lucky fans at 4:00.

The girls, Niall, Preston and I went up the elevator until we reached level 26. As the two doors opened, there was Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. I'd only ever seen Niall and Zayn before, so I was in a lot of shock.

"Hey boys, this is Isabel, Carly, Chloe, Abbey and Taylor." Niall said as the four boys turned around with massive grins on their flawless faces.

"Hi girls, I'm Louis, this is Liam and this is Harry. I think you've already met Zayn."  

"Hi it's nice to meet you boys and nice to see you again Zayn." I replied.  

I kept turning to look at Abbey. I could tell she was in a lot of shock; she was struggling to get the correct words out of her mouth. I could see that she couldn't take her eyes off Harry and his beautiful green eyes and his soft brown curls.

"Well Isabel, were do you want to take me first?" said Niall.  

"Hmm, let me think. Do you sea creatures?"

"I sure do. Do you have an aquarium around here?"

"Yeah it's just over the bridge there."  

"Alright guys, well Isabel and I are going to go. Boys can you take care of Abbey, Carly, Taylor and Chloe?" asked Niall.   "Yeah of course we can." said Liam.

"See you later guys" I said to them all.   Niall and I went back into the elevator and the doors opened as we reached the bottom floor.

"Hang on a second Isabel, we just need to go back to the hummer." He said with a smile.

His smile was beautiful. His eyes were beautiful. He was just, perfect.   We walked to the underground car park until we reached the black hummer. Niall opened the door, grabbed a cap, some sunglasses and his wallet.   We were talking as we were walking over the bridge to the Melbourne Aquarium. It was only about a fifteen minute walk, but it felt like five minutes. We entered the aquarium and lined up to pay.

"Two adult tickets please." I asked.  

I handed over a fifty dollar note but it was quickly taken out of my hand by Niall.

"What are you doing?" I said.

"A man pays on the first date."

He handed me my money and payed for our tickets.

Niall and I were looking at all the different kinds of fish, sharks and turtles. We were having a fantastic time; he made me laugh a lot. I felt like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world, spending time with Niall.  

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