It was simply lucky✩

He sees her, she sees him. Love at first sight. You're kidding right? Every girl wants her fairy tale ending. But when she meets 1/5 of One Direction on her birthday, it's impossible to have a typical love story. Was it meant to be? Or was she just lucky?


1. Am i dreaming?

It was a warm autumn's night on the Sydney harbour, celebrating my 19th birthday with my friends. The five of us flew up from Melbourne to go clubbing in some of Sydney's greatest bars. Abbey, Taylor, Chloe, Carly and I walked into the first bar we could find. We went to the bar stand to get our first lot of drinks.

"Five vodka shots please" I said

"Sure coming right up" said the rather cute looking bartender.

"Hey Isabel, aren't they members of your favourite band?" Chloe shouted. In walked Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, they looked so perfect.  

"Oh my god, am I dreaming?" I was in shock, I can't believe it.

I knew that One Direction were coming to Australia for their promo tour and I knew they were going to be in Sydney, I didn't expect Niall and Zayn to walk in! Unfortunately I missed out on getting tickets.. This was probably the only time I could ever look at them. The night went on as the girls and I were dancing, I always looked over my shoulder to see what Niall and Zayn were up to. They looked rather tipsy.

Abbey, Chloe, Taylor & Carly sat me down and gave me a silver tiara with the number 19 written in blue diamonds. They placed it on my head and we headed back onto the dance floor to dance for the rest of the night!  

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" a familiar voice shouted over my shoulder.I turned around and it was Niall.  

"Thank you!" I slowly replied. I was in shock. Did Niall Horan just speak to me?  

"This clubs great! Have you ever been here before?" said Niall.

"No I haven't, this is my first time in Sydney. I'm from Melbourne!"  

"Oh yeah we are heading there tomorrow night, are you coming to our concert?"

"No I wish! I missed out on getting tickets, they sold out quickly!"

We spoke for about another five minutes. He then asked to dance with me, I quickly took up the offer and we danced together for a few hours.

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