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'Danna Melgoza' the new sensation in the music industry. Danna, along with her best friend and instrumentalist Allie Parker, is conquering the world faster than anyone could think of. Many young men refer to Danna as the 'salvation for the modern music', this is because she is more into old or classic music. In less than six months, Danna and Allie have already gotten their own, unique, and massive fandom: Dreamers.

Danna and Allie get way more attention than needed. What could happen when One Direction travels to LA for an Awards Show and meet Danna and Allie, hang out with them during the summer, and discover the REAL sides of these two girls? Yes, controversy will test every single one of the members of One Direction, Danna, Allie, and even more celebrities (some) with abominable intentions... Who would say that even in Hollywood the rule of "All's fair in love and war." applies?


2. Hola!


Author's Note: I'm glad you guys liked the first chapter, so I decided to write the second one. I'm really sorry for dragging this much, but last week was my week of finals. Therefore, I was not able to update. I hope you like this chapter. 


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Niall’s P.O.V

“Niall, come help with the luggage!” Paul exclaimed as I was trying to sneak out of the bus.

We had just finished our tour in America and were now currently in LA to attend some Award shows this summer. We would stay at our own flat here in Los Angeles, but it was being remodeled thanks to the fact nobody took care of it for five months. Now it was full of rodents and other unpleasant insects.

As I took another step down the stairs of the tour bus, Paul grabbed me by the hoodie and pulled me towards him with such strength that I bumped into him. “Luggage. Now!” he commanded pointing to the other end of the bus. I groaned and walked towards the back of the bus passing by a giggling Liam, a zoned out Zayn, and an arguing pair-Harry and Louis- until I got to my ‘room’. I quickly grabbed my two suitcases andthe XBOX 360 console. I was anxious to get to our penthouse, strip off my clothes, take a shower, and defy Zayn to a Black Ops 2 match.  

“Did you get the controls, too?” Zayn asked -referring to the XBOX- as I passed by him in order to get off the bus. I nodded whilst sending him a ‘I’m gonna rip your pride off after I beat you playing’ glare, and he smirked before adding “We’ll see Horan”.

I followed the rest of the lads who were about to get off the bus. I was about to yell at them to hurry, until I heard them. And by them I am talking about our fans. I love every single one of them, but to be honest I am sometimes not in the mood to deal with them, and the lads feel the same way. My thoughts were interrupted by Paul who was now standing in front of the bus’ door. “Okay lads you know the routine: Wave at the fans as you walk into the hotel. No distractions! You’ll have time for that later,” he instructed before opening the door and walking out.

Once I got off the bus, I couldn’t help but widely smile at how many Directioners were there. Our fans are by far the most dedicated. Almost all my fatigue vanished as I read their creative signs. “C’mon Niall,” I heard Liam yell, and I realized I was far away from the group. I finally caught on them when they were inside the hotel.

“Move your arse Horan!” Harry exclaimed and all the others laughed, including the receptionist. She was a young girl probably around my age, and as I passed by her to go to the lift she cheekily winked at me. I smiled at her just for courtesy.


“I want a bed just for myself this time!” Liam shouted getting out of the lift once it had stopped on the 68th floor.

“No!” Louis protested before tackling Liam and leaving him complaining on the floor.

“None of you will sleep alone because I’m going to get there before you do it,” Harry explained before running to the door forgetting it was still locked. Zayn and I watched the scene amused as Harry desperately tried to open the door to our penthouse, but failed miserably.

“You guys are not going anywhere, because I have the door’s card,” Zayn threatened in a deep voice.

“Not anymore!” I yelled as I snatched the orange card that Zayn was holding in the air, and ran around the hallway while the rest of the lads tried to catch me. I speeded down the corridor until I saw the end of it. Crap! Now I was trapped. Suddenly, the boys stopped chasing me, and I slowed down my pace and turned around to find my four best friends with their arms crossed and not really friendly faces.

“This is the end of it, Niall,” Liam said in a mysterious tone.

“There’s nowhere for you to escape,” Harry added agitated.

“Give us the card blonde!” Louis whined and Zayn nodded in agreement. Dang! These guys are determined.

“You bunch of kids! There is a California King mattress in the penthouse, which means three of you will sleep together. Therefore, nobody will get to sleep alone this time,” Paul announced and all of us sighed in defeat. I was about to walk towards our room when I heard poundings on the door behind me. I turned around confused but then realized it had probably only been the host in that penthouse.

“Where’s the band at?” I heard Louis ask Paul as we all walked back to our room.

“They are on a different floor. Because there’s no reason for them to stay in LA for the shows, they’re going back to London tomorrow morning,” our bodyguard answered.



After we had unpacked our belongings and settled down in the penthouse, I decided to go on Twitter for a while. As I scrolled down my timeline I saw one of Danna’s latest tweets. Fuck, I’m a huge fan of her. Before I could click on it to have a clearer imagine of what it said, my laptop was snatched from my lap by Tomlinson. “Whatcha doing?” he asked in his horrid imitation of an American accent.

“Checking Twitter,” I answered immediately trying to take my laptop from Louis, but he pulled it away and out of my reach. We stared into each other’s eyes defiantly for a while until he quickly walked out of the room with my laptop. “Hey! Come back here,” I yelled as I jogged after him. “Gimme that shit!” I muttered as I snatched my laptop from Louis’ hands once he had stopped in the middle of the living room.

“Vas Happenin, now?” Zayn calmly asked from the couch.

“Little Nialler is stalking his crush,” Louis replied in a mocking tone. I shook my head to deny it. “Then you won’t mind if we take a look at what you were doing,” he said with a mischievously smile. I shot him a death glare. “Nice! Come boys, we’re all gonna see what Niall was looking at,” the 21-year-old announced before the entire band was gathered in the living room. Louis put my laptop on the coffee table and everybody took a seat on the couch in front of my laptop. “Come over here,” Louis added patting a spot on the couch next to him. I gave up and sat down there, not before cursing at him in my mind.

“Oh,” Harry mumbled. “You were about to watch Allie and Danna dance, weren’t you?” he added teasingly. I blushed and buried myself into the couch.

“Let’s watch it!” Liam said enthusiastically, and Louis immediately obeyed clicking on the play button.

“They’re really good. I wonder what song they’re dancing this time,” Zayn told us all while the video was loading. The other lads started commenting at his statement.

As soon as the video started playing everybody fell silent. “Hello Dreamers! “ Danna and Allie exclaimed in unison at the camera. Then Danna added “So like you guys might now, we were supposed to upload this video yesterday, but we had some little-“, until Allie cut her off by fake coughing, then saying the word ‘major’ and then fake coughing again. “…problems” Danna finished while chuckling.

Anyway, today we’re gonna be dancing...” Allie said before Danna imitated a drum roll with two pens and the floor. “ ’Niggas in Paris’ by Jay-Z f. Kanye West” Allie spoke again excitedly. “Remember it was you, beautiful people, who chose the song for us. So, this is dedicated to all of you.”

Without more preambles…here it goes,” Danna said and winked playfully at the camera while standing up and walking towards the curly-haired girl. They looked at each other before smiling and exchanging some words that I imagine were comforting or encouraging. I took a moment to analyze their physical. They were wearing skinny Harem pants, racerback crop tanktops with racerback crop tops underneath, and a pair of vans. Their hair fell on top of their exposed shoulders and natural waves were formed at the tips. Allie’s waves were more evident though. I must admit they looked really good in those outfits, and the boys thought the same taking in count the insanely intense stares they were shooting at the girls in the video.

“I think I’ll go to-“ I muttered standing up before being pushed back down on the couch for Harry- who was still looking at the screen-, he shook his head making it clear I would have to stay and watch. My attention was suddenly absorbed by my laptop once the beat of the song started playing. It was evident how the girls were confident in the performance they were about to give. The lightly and smoothly way they moved their bodies before starting dancing portrayed how they were waiting for the exact moment to start their routine.

At some point during the beat they started dancing. To be honest I’ve always liked this hip hop style, and two beautiful girls dancing it made it ten times better. It was surprising how easy it seemed to dance like them, but I was utterly conscious that I would never -even with years of practice- dance like them. Dancing is just not my thing. My thoughts were interrupted when Jay-Z started rapping. Other fact that made these videos even more successful was the choice of music they had; urban style.

I, once again carefully watched the girls dance; how their hair flew back and forth, from left to right, and then eventually fell on their shoulders. The way they slid their feet on the wooden floor whilst continuing dancing, the way their movements were clear, precise, and on time, and the way their facial expressions showed how much they were enjoying the song were making me want to stand up and dance with them.

After about three minutes of the video reproducing, the song’s interlude -in which a conversation is developed- started. The girls ceased dancing and faced each other before Danna mouthed what one of the people in the song says, it said “I don’t even know what that means.

As expected, Allie continued the conversation mouthing “No one knows what it means…But it’s provocative!” and making an exaggerated movement at the provocative part.

Then Danna proceeded mouthing “No it’s not, it’s gross-“until being cut off by Allie who mouthed the last line of the conversation. The lads and I laughed at their silly imitation of the interlude. After that, the girls quickly went back to dancing and in less than two minutes the song and video were over.

“That was epic!” Louis exclaimed.

“I didn’t know they could dance like that,” Liam added.

“Yeah, that’s hot,” Harry breathed while biting his left hand’s index’s nail.

“I guess now I know why Niall is so into Danna,” Liam announced as he stood up from the couch and stretched.

“I’m not,” I defended myself.

“You are,” Zayn intervened.

“I’m…not!” I spat at him, and he only rolled his eyes at me.

“He’s in denial,” Louis told Zayn after gently patting me on the head causing the lads to erupt in laughter. What the fuck! I’m not a dog!

It was obvious Zayn saw my un-comfortableness and anger, because he immediately changed the topic by saying “Fine Niall, we have some unfinished business to take care of,” I chuckled at his choice of words; he was obviously referring to our XBOX match. I sent him a graceful smile before running to my room, grabbing the console, controls, and games. After a minute I returned to the living room, and with help of Zayn I connected everything and started playing. I don’t like to brag, but I’m pretty good at video games, however, Zayn is too. That’s the reason why we always look forward to play against each other.



“You cunt! That’s cheating!” I accused Zayn for the tenth time that night.

“No, it’s called to strategically find methods of success that are not temporarily established or permitted by the inventor of the game, and also challenge the terms and conditions of the game’s purpose,” he replayed calmly.

“I don’t get cheaters’ vocab!” I barked at him taking him by surprise. I capitalized on the fact he was distracted for my sudden response, and stabbed his character in the back with the combat knife I had just gained for killing more than seventy players in a single match.

I jumped on the couch whilst celebrating as Zayn stood motionless sited.  “I AM THE CHAMPION! I AM THE CHAMPION!” I sang at the top of my lungs earning Paul’s orders to stay quiet.

“That’s cool bro, you beat me this time,” Zayn admitted standing up “Tell me when you’re willing to not take advantage of my distraction, and will actually kill me in an honored way…cheater,” he added and left the room.

“What? But you were cheating first!” I yelled. “Ugh…” I sighed and plopped down on the couch. Why is it I can’t ever win an argument?



My eyes fluttered open as I sleepily scratched my head. God only knows for how long I had been sleeping on the couch. After a big and extensive yawn I got up the couch and started walking towards the room Liam and I were sharing. The lads must have been sleeping; we were all really tired after the lack of sleep we’ve been getting lately. As I was about to open the room’s door, a sound grabbed my attention. That was probably the reason why I woke up. Intrigued by its origin, I followed the sound that later transformed into sounds, and consequently into music. I stopped walking once I was standing in front of the penthouse’s door. I so badly wanted to go to bed, but my stubborn side wanted to find out where that noise came from.

After witnessing an internal battle with my two selves, I quietly and slowly opened the door and carefully closed it behind me. Dragging my feet along the corridor’s soft and puffy carpet I continued following the sounds. I kept walking, the noise becoming louder and louder until I got to the same place where I had been trapped by the lads earlier that day. Unsure of what to do next, I pressed my ear against the door just for curiosity. After a couple of seconds I finally recognized the song, “I’m sexy and I know it” by LMFAO. I was about to knock on the door when a thought came to my mind. What if it was a couple that was in there? What if they were playing around and were…you know, about to bang? I was now witnessing another internal battle. Before I could think about it again, I knocked on the door probably harder than I intended to. Seconds later the music stopped and I heard shuffling from the other side of the door. Yeah, I was probably right! I just disturbed a couple that was having a ‘happy’ time, how selfish of me.

I was about to turn around and run back to my penthouse, when the door flew open revealing a person about my height with a horrendous pig mask on. I stared at it perplexed and scared for a while, until this ‘mysterious person’ spoke “Can I help you?”

 I recognized that voice as a female’s. “Um…I-I actually,” I muttered and then paused. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt any private…encounter,” I added awkwardly.

She chuckled. “You didn’t” she affirmed, “Was the music too loud or something?”

“Not really, I was just wondering who could possibly be listening LMFAO at – “I paused and look at my wristwatch, “three in the morning,” I added. “I mean, there are usually only business men staying at penthouses. So, it was weird…” I explained trying to sound convincing.

She nodded before we fell into a long awkward silence. “Is everything okay?” a second feminine voice asked. The girl with the pig mask turned around increasing the view I had of her penthouse. In a matter of seconds, another silhouette appeared in front of the door. Blame my sleepy eyes; I blinked a few times to adjust the increase of the light that came out of the penthouse. I was quickly able to scan the woman that had just joined our awkward conversation. She was more like a teen, just like pig head. They were both wearing sweats with the word Bulls on them, sleepers, north face hoodies, and ridiculous masks. Only that the second girl had a Jason mask on, not that scary, but it was still odd.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I was about to leave. Sorry,” I explained and immediately ran back to my penthouse, opened the door, locked it, and went back to sleep. Pig head, Jason, LMFAO, girls, I was probably just hallucinating! I needed some sleep, and I needed it now!



Author's Note: Hello! Please let me know what you think of this chapter. Any suggestions? Comments? This is weird for me to say but,  CRITICIZE ME PLEASE!

I promise there's action to come. I haven't even started with my full plan. ;)

Thank you, have a lovely day/night (:

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