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'Danna Melgoza' the new sensation in the music industry. Danna, along with her best friend and instrumentalist Allie Parker, is conquering the world faster than anyone could think of. Many young men refer to Danna as the 'salvation for the modern music', this is because she is more into old or classic music. In less than six months, Danna and Allie have already gotten their own, unique, and massive fandom: Dreamers.

Danna and Allie get way more attention than needed. What could happen when One Direction travels to LA for an Awards Show and meet Danna and Allie, hang out with them during the summer, and discover the REAL sides of these two girls? Yes, controversy will test every single one of the members of One Direction, Danna, Allie, and even more celebrities (some) with abominable intentions... Who would say that even in Hollywood the rule of "All's fair in love and war." applies?


1. Hello!


Author's Note: Hello! I've been developing this story in my mind for a long time. So, I HAD TO write it down somewhere. Why not make it a Fan Fic? I honestly hope you like it.

I warn you, the plot can be slow or boring for you at first. But it is necessary for you to learn about the main characters, their stories, and background information in order to understand the story better.




 Chapter 1




“She’s actually the biggest weirdo on earth,” my best friend Allie confessed as soon as Mrs. Coleman –the interviewer- asked what is something the world should know about me. I shamelessly nodded in agreement as the audience erupted in laughter.

            “In that case, what’s what makes her the biggest weirdo on earth?” Mrs. Coleman asked Allie enthusiastically.

Allie and I looked at each other for a moment before answering in unison “Pretty much everything,” the audience went wild again. This time even the interviewer was cracking up. It had been an amazing interview so far, Mrs. Coleman was a nice woman and many funny things had happened. Too many that by now we were all laughing at every little thing, even if it wasn’t funny.

“Excellent,” Mrs. Coleman said before laughing again, then she added “So girls, what is it like to be the sensation of the moment?”

            “Well…” Allie started saying looking at me and clearly showing she didn’t have idea of what to answer.

“We actually don’t believe that we’re the ‘sensation’,” I explained using my fingers to quote the word sensation. “I mean, we are kind of barely starting our careers so it is a huge honor to listen people saying they admire us, or that they like our music, or simply if they support us,” I added and the interviewer nodded showing interest in my words. “Plus, there are a lot of new artists out there in the same or similar position we are in.” I said, and this time Allie shook her head in agreement.

 The interview continued smoothly with the same questions that we are asked at any other interview: How do we feel about being one of the artists of the moment?  What is some useful or important information that fans need to know about us? Do we like what we do? How did our careers started? Etc… At some point during the interview, our love-lives came into the conversation.

 Thank you Twitter fans!

“This one is from ‘Lovedovey-cri-cri..” the interviewer started but paused because she couldn’t pronounce the entire username correctly. Obviously. “Seriously, why do they use such complicated usernames?” she exclaimed before concentrating in the piece of paper she was holding, in which, I imagine was the username written.  “...cri- critsmsroaFreak123’ my apologies if I pronounced it wrong,” she added after we finished laughing at her previous comment.  “Well, he or she wants you to describe your first kiss in three words,” Mrs. Coleman announced looking at us expectantly.

 Allie immediately chuckled before I sent her a death glare. “Sorry…”my best friend mumbled with a mischievous smile, she wasn’t sorry at all.

I took a deep breath and then said “Hasn’t happened yet”. I heard some teenagers in the audience gasp. Yeah, I am 17 years old and I haven’t kissed any guy yet, and to be honest I don’t find it a big deal. But for someone famous it seems to be a big deal.

Probably Allie felt my un-comfortableness because she immediately intervened by saying “At least you have hope of having a good first kiss. Unlike me, after we kissed he threw up on me and then ran away,” the audience exploded in hysterics, including Mrs. Coleman.  That’s why I love Allie; she would always save my skin. After everybody finished laughing Mrs. Coleman asked Allie what had happened the day of her first kiss. “Well, apparently he had eaten a lot that afternoon, and after our ride in the rollercoaster I guess he couldn’t contain the food inside of him any longer. But I wonder why he had to throw up ON me!” Allie calmly explained and raised her tone at the end causing everybody-including myself- to laugh.

After the interviewer messed with Allie’s ‘perfect’ first kiss for about five minutes, she finally turned to me saying “Danna, then you are the innocent one here, am I right?”

 I shyly nodded until Allie interrupted what I was about to say “She doesn’t drink, smoke, consume drugs….nothing! I often wonder if she’s actually human”. I looked at her pretending to be offended and putting my hand on my chest. Everybody laughed.

“What about you, Allie?” Mrs. Coleman asked obviously expecting something funny out of this.

I raised my hand grabbing the attention of everyone before saying in a mischievously tone “Let me tell you. Don’t let her looks deceive you, because she has the mouth of a sailor, the temper of an Italian housewife, and the tolerance of an Irishman.” Once again, the crowd erupted in laughter; some people were holding their stomachs like they were going to pop out of their bodies for laughing that hard. Even Allie was cracking up!

After about ten minutes the interview ended and Allie and I headed to our hotel.


“That was freaking amazing. The best interview we’ve had so far!” Allie exclaimed as we entered the penthouse in the hotel we are staying temporarily at.

Allie and I are going to attend some Award Shows this summer in LA, so we were asked to spend the whole summer here. You might ask, what do we do that made us famous?  Well, I came to LA two years ago with a dream. I wanted to start my career as a singer, and Allie wanted to start her career as an instrumentalist. For some reason the destiny brought us together by sitting next to each other in the airplane from Chicago to LA. We talked and found out we would be auditioning in the same place, so we took a taxi to the auditions together. Unfortunately, she missed her appointment for being a couple minutes late thanks to the traffic. I, on the other hand, accidentally dropped the CD with my song into one of the airport’s toilets-don’t ask why- and it got damaged. Therefore, we decided to perform together, Allie playing the piano and me singing. Our friendship started there and so did our careers.

“True that!” I answered from the kitchen. As I entered the living room with two huge bowls of popcorn in my hands I saw Allie dressed in comfy clothing-not the fancy dress she had gone to the interview with- and sited on one of the sofas. “Changed already?” I asked her whilst sitting next to her and putting my laptop on my lap.

“Nooooo,” she answered sarcastically lengthening the vowel ‘o’.

“Thanks god you’re not sarcastic,” I mumbled as I logged on Twitter. The truth is Allie and I love to talk to our fans. Scratch that, we love to talk to Dreamers. Isn’t it awesome that we have a name for our own fandom? It is for us.

“Whatcha doin’?” my best friend whispered while grabbing a handful of popcorn and putting it into her mouth.

“Just talking to the fans, they always put me in a better mood…” I whispered-with the intention of mimicking her- . She stood up and grabbed her laptop from the coffee table, and started typing on it.

“You shouldn’t worry about it. I bet you’re not the only 17 year old girl that hasn’t had her first kiss,” she confessed without looking at me. I smiled; she always knows what I am thinking and feeling. I love her. I then directed my attention to my laptop and went to my profile. As I scrolled down my interactions I couldn’t avoid gasping at how many people followed me in the last two hours. I had nearly six million followers! I continued to scroll down when suddenly a new window opened indicating someone I follow, followed me back. My heart skipped a bit as I saw who that new follower was.


‘@NiallOfficial is now following you’

That was when I lost it.


“What? Danna, what happens? You’re scaring me!” Allie exclaimed in a nervous yet scared tone as soon as she saw my face. My eyes were wide open, my mouth was literally on the floor, and I could swear there was saliva coming out of it! I was soon desperately struggling to breathe and was moving my hands in the air motioning scrawls. Allie stood up from the couch and slowly walked to the other side of the room until she was standing against the wall, “What’s wrong ‘D’?” she asked once more, this time more confused than nervous. I turned to look at her and she winced-her usual reaction when I make extremely awkward or scary facial expressions-I tried to formulate words but it was impossible at the moment. Finally, I was able to stand up and it surprised me that I hadn’t died even though I hadn’t breathed since I read that my idol, celebrity crush, and future father of my children was now following me on Twitter.

“NIALLER FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I jumped on the sofa like there was no tomorrow. She stood motionless, just watching me. I suddenly started laughing like a hyena, jumped off the sofa, and ran around the penthouse without intention of going somewhere in particular. I eventually came to a stop, but then resumed my fangirling by dropping to the floor in the middle of the hallway that connects the bedrooms with the living room, and pretended to run in circles whilst screaming. I don’t know for how long I was like that, but I got exhausted. 

As I was resting on the floor motionless with my mouth still open and with the continuous struggle to breath, from the corner of my eye I saw a shape-who I assumed was Allie-walking towards me. “Are you Okay now?” she asked calmly, I slowly nodded and she chuckled. “I wonder how you would react if the other four boys follow you...” she told more to herself than to me.

In slow motion I sat down on the floor resting my back against the cold wall, Allie immediately sat next to me.  “Man!” I exclaimed angrily,” The dress is now ruined,” I added pouting whilst holding the end of my dress that was now completely spoiled.

“That should teach you to not have such reactions when the man of your dreams follows you on Twitter…”she mumbled playfully. I turned my head to look at her and couldn’t help but laugh. In fact, she was right!

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it. You know how much I love One Direction,” I told her and rested my head on her shoulder.

“Yeah…I know. That’s exactly why I fear for your life when we meet them,” she answered and I chuckled. “No. Wait…I actually fear for their lives,” she added and I punched her leg playfully. After a couple of moments in silence, Allie spoke “Why do you have those reactions though? I mean, I get excited every time we meet celebrities but I don’t get like you. You are always about to die! Why? ”

She was probably waiting for me to answer, so I did “I dunno. It just comes right from my heart, I guess. Is more like an impulse…an automatic one,” she shook her head and giggled. I stared at her confused and followed her gaze, which led to my dress. Yes, it was completely ruined. I sighed and stood up.

“I gotta talk to the fans now, they might be waiting for us to update the new video of ‘Dallie Dance Station’” I informed the curly-haired girl that was still sitting on the floor.

“You go, girl!” she exclaimed throwing her fist in the air faking enthusiasm. “But make sure to update the correct one this time,” she added as I walked away.

“Yup,” I answered popping the ‘p’, then mumbled “I don’t want people to see us clean the apartment in underwear again…”

You’ll see, Allie and I have this ship name called ‘Dallie’, and one of our ways to coexist with the fans is through our dancing videos. Yeah, we are actually pretty good hip hop dancers, and the fans seem to think the same because they ask for an update every two weeks. It is exciting for them, and entertaining and fun for us! Plus, our manager Meena loves the idea, she thinks it is a discrete but powerful way to gain publicity.

As I sat down on the sofa with my computer on my lap, an immense smile  plastered on my face when I saw the ‘@NiallOfficial is now following you’ message. The fact we would possibly meet them at the Awards Show tomorrow made me want to start fangirling again. But what Allie said made me realize that no celebrity acts the way I do when they meet other celebrities. They act cool. The problem is I’m not sure I’m capable of doing that. I am like any other normal teenage girl. I’m Danna.

I deeply inhale and exhale before pressing the ‘upload’ button. Now everybody will be able to watch our new episode of “Dallie Dance Station”!!

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I heard Allie yell from the back of the room, she was staring out the window. My noisy conscience made me stand up and go take a look. My mouth literally touched the floor for the second time that evening when I saw what Allie was referring to. There were approximately a thousand screaming girls outside of our hotel, and as much as I would’ve like to, they were not there for us.

“Why do you think they’re here?” I asked Allie while putting some of my hair that was blocking my view, behind my ear.

“Not for us, that’s for sure,” she answered echoing my thoughts, “Probably we’re not the only famous people staying at this hotel,” she added, this time looking at me like waiting for a reaction.

“Oh,” was everything that came from my mouth. I then realized there were only three penthouses in the hotel and we were occupying one. That meant that this ‘famous person’ was going to stay in one of the other two penthouses, which were on the same floor as ours.

As if reading my mind, Allie turned her attention to me and mumbled “Oh, no…” once she noticed my smirk.




Author's Note: Hope you liked the first chapter. I promise the boys will appear on the next one! I'm open to comments and feedback is always appreciated. Have a good day/night (:

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