Blind Love

Alexa is now 14. She has been blind for half of her life, and is struggling to live a normal life. She never thought love would find her, but when she moves into a town a few miles above north of Dallas, she meets a boy, that she starts to fall for. Only now, for the first time, there's more than one boy looking at her with loving eyes.


2. Blind Problems

"Class is starting." Blake whispers to me. 
"Good morning." I hear a woman's voice say.
"Morning, Mrs. Cerci." The kids say pronouncing the name like 'chair-see'.
"We have a new student today. Raise your hand please." I raise my hand.
"Stand up, and tell the class your name." I stand and pronounce loudly. "I'm Alexa Fechini."
"Face the class." She says.
"I'm sorry, but which way is that?" I ask.
"Are you smart mouthing me young lady?" The woman asks.
"No." I say.
"Then face the class." 
"Please tell me where I'm supposed to turn." I say, hearing the snickers of the other 8th graders.
"Detention, Miss Fechini. Sorry, that this is on your first day in Gunter, but its no place for that behavior." The woman says proudly.
"I'm blind." I say simply. Sudden silence fell into the room. The woman huffed indignantly.
"The detention still goes." She says. There's a few boos that come out.
"Detention for you, too, Jakob." She says. The class resumed.
After 3 more grueling periods, we have lunch. Elizabeth leads me to a seemingly empty table. I feel a presence sit next to me.
"Hey, hottie. Wanna get a little more than food for lunch?" A deep voice asks.
"Buzz off, pervert." Elizabeth says. 
"Aww......Elizabeth let beautiful talk for herself! Tell me, am I not the hottest guy you've ever met?" The boy says.
"Well, great job at being a dunce. I'm blind!" I say haughtily. 
"Oh...." He says. I reach out my hand and touch his face. I feel around, locating his chin an moving up the jawline, then sideway to the cheek. I pull my hand back suddenly and slap it. I hear a yelp from the boy and I feel him move away. Another person moves onto the spot the jerk had last occupied.
"Serves him right." I hear Blake say. I smile.
"So what do you look like?" I ask him.
"Why? Oh! Blind. Right......I have brown eyes. Tan skin. Brown hair, and its kinda......I don't know how to explain it." He says. I reach out to his face.
"Please don't slap me." He says, his jaws moving under my touch. I laugh and reach up and find his hair. It is soft. It has clean cut ends that are about half an inch above his eyebrows. My hand pulls away and I find a pretty good image of his hair in my head.
"Please don't think I'm weird." I say softly.
"I would never." Blake says. I reach out and touch his face. It was smiling.

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