Blind Love

Alexa is now 14. She has been blind for half of her life, and is struggling to live a normal life. She never thought love would find her, but when she moves into a town a few miles above north of Dallas, she meets a boy, that she starts to fall for. Only now, for the first time, there's more than one boy looking at her with loving eyes.


1. Blake

I walk, my hand in my best friend, Elizabeth's.
"What are things like?" I ask.
"We're walking down the hall, lots of people by their lockers, some of which are........making out...." She says. I shiver. Why did I have to ask her to tell me what in the world was going on? Because I'm blind. I haven't been able to see since I was 7. I'm 14 now, so it seems like an eternity ago.
"C'mon, Alexa. Let's go to class." Elizabeth whispers, obviously trying to get out of the halls. We walk into the class.
"What class is this?" I ask.
"Science." She says. Sometimes I really hate not being blind. Actually, a lot of the time. But only some of the time my anger is aroused from not being able to read my class schedule. Elizabeth leads me into a desk and I sit down. I hear someone else walk in.
"Hey! Are you new here?" The rich voice says.

I turn to face the voice's person.
"Yeah...." I say quietly. I was new to the slightly north of Dallas area, and Elizabeth was the only kid I've met so far.
"I'm Blake Kurst. What's your name?" The voice says.
"I'm Alexa." I say. I feel him sit on the seat next to me.
"I'm sorta new here too. I came here in the last month of school last year." Blake says.
"Cool!" I say. "What time is it?" I ask.
"Can you see the clock?" He asks.
"Why not?"
"I'm blind!" I say.
"Oh.......were you born blind?" Blake asks.
"No. I became blind when I was 7." I reply.
"How?" He asks, his voice soft.
"Some scramble of lettered word that I can't pronounce. One day, I had perfect vision, I went to bed and woke up to no vision." I say.
"That's not good." He says.

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