The Diary of Mackenzie Robins: Life with only 4/5ths of One Direction

This is a sequel to "Are You the One?"

My name is Mackenzie Robins and I'm 18 years old. Let me start with the basics: My mom is dead, and my dad is dead. Yup pretty tragic I know, but there is a bright side: My best friends are Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik or One Direction and I'm in a long term relationship with Harry Edward Styles, I love that boy. But yet again there's a tragedy to that. Liam Payne is dead. This is his diary and he left it to me. So here I go, this is the story of life as 4/5ths of One Direction.


3. New Beginnings

I woke up today and the sun was shining brighter than usual, the sky was a clear blue, and the birds were chirping. It was a beautiful day out. I admired the view from my new bedroom window and thought "Hey, maybe today is a day full of new beginnings?" To be honest I was tired of all this mourning and sadness, it's not going to do us any good by being depressed all the time and it certainly isn't going to bring Liam back to life. "Creeaaakk" the bedroom door opened and out peaked a messy mop of curls. "Hey" he whispered cheekily. I could tell he had some kind of plan brewing. "Come in" I replied. He stepped in, exposing his body. He had no shirt on and I couldn't help but admire his toned body. He was about to make his way towards my bed when I stopped "Wait, just stand right there" I tilted my head sideways and ran my eyes up and down his body. I guess he noticed what I was doing so he lunged on the bed making it erupt in creaking sounds. I couldn't help but burst out loud. I felt Harry's big hand clamp down on my mouth he signaled me to be quiet. "The rest of the fam is still asleep" he said while adding a wink. Uh-oh. He climbed on top of me and planted a quick kiss on my lips, it was gentle but sweet. I smiled at him "What're you up to, cheeky?" I questioned. I tended to call him that since he was always flirtatious but every time I said it out loud it sounded so lame. His eyes sparkled with enthusiasm and he displayed a mischievous smile. "Oh, nuh-uh Styles, not today." I spoke into his face while chuckling. "You're no fun" he teased and stuck his tongue out at me. He removed his body from mine and stood up. I felt cold without his touch. "What's the plan for today?" I asked him while propping myself up on my elbows. He stared out the window thinking "Well, we're planning to take interview with Ellen today. She's been asking us for the past 2 weeks to go on." He ruffled his hair and turned to face me. "I was thinking maybe you could go on with us?" I didn't know what to reply, I must've looked pretty baffled because he came closer to me his face just inches from mine. "Please, Mackenzie? It would mean the world to me and the boys." he pleaded. He pouted his lips and batted his eyelashes, the puppy look always killed me especially coming from him. "Okay fine. Just stop with the face, already" He jumped up and down "Yaaayyy!" he shouted. This time I covered his mouth. "The rest of the fam is still asleep" I mocked while adding a wink trying to do my best Harry impression. I mounted myself on his body and pushed him down on the bed. He chuckled and leaned into my ear "Is it still a bad idea?" "Yup" I whispered and kissed him. "Grrrr" he moaned. I laughed and removed my body from his when I felt his hand grip my hip "Stay" he said in a low seductive voice that sent chills down my spine. " We gotta go get ready though" he groaned again a slight hint of annoyance hidden in his voice. He sat up and I wrapped my arms around his torso. "Mackenzie?..." he said "Yeah?" "Do you think today will be different? Like do you think it'll be better today?" he asked his eyes took on a sad look and his face turned serious. "I think it will" I smiled then laughed recalling my thoughts earlier today. "Maybe today will be full of new beginnings" 


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