The Diary of Mackenzie Robins: Life with only 4/5ths of One Direction

This is a sequel to "Are You the One?"

My name is Mackenzie Robins and I'm 18 years old. Let me start with the basics: My mom is dead, and my dad is dead. Yup pretty tragic I know, but there is a bright side: My best friends are Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik or One Direction and I'm in a long term relationship with Harry Edward Styles, I love that boy. But yet again there's a tragedy to that. Liam Payne is dead. This is his diary and he left it to me. So here I go, this is the story of life as 4/5ths of One Direction.


5. Emily

Okay, so that didn't turn out so well. We had just arrived at the address written in the mysterious sticky note, when we heard an ear piercing scream. Me and Zayn simultaneously looked at each other and ran out of the car. There was nobody outside. We looked in all directions but we didn't see anyone. Could that have come from inside the house? We steadily walked towards the front door. Right when I was about to knock on the door, it swung open and out came a rall girl with green eyes. Emily. "I take it you are Zayn and Mackenzie?" she asked. We nodded our heads unable to form words. How did she know who we were? How did she know we were coming here? The tall girl let out a small sigh. "Come on in. I've been expecting you" the words came out as if they hurt. We walked in and surveyed the small house. It was littered with crumpled papers and broken pencils. All around the walls pictures of Liam were hung up. That's..unusual, I thought to myself. "Sorry everything's a bit of a huge mess. Things haven't been going right lately." Emily signaled to the pictures of Liam then continued to speak. "I think I'm the world's biggest idiot for saying no to Liam so many times, but I guess this is my sad way of trying to make it up to him" She turned to us and smiled. "My name is Emily. I used to go to school with Liam. You guys probably are asking yourselves why you're here or how I know who you are. It's a long story, but if you're willing to listen I'll tell you every detail about it." I had no idea what she was talking about. "I'm all ears." I heard Zayn's deep voice call out. "Take a seat then." she whispered. We both sat down on the floral couch that lay in the center of the room and stared up at Emily. She had a thin frame and bony arms. You could see her veins on her pale skin, yet her face was beautiful  She didn't look any older than the picture I found but you could tell she was heading into her twenties.  "I guess I should start with when Liam and I went to school together" she smiled and suddenly her eyes looked far away. She ran her hand through her hair and began to talk. She told us how Liam had asked her out 20 times and 20 times she had rejected him. That's where I remembered her name from. There's always pictures going around saying how dumb she was and a whole bunch of crap. Then she continued to tell us how she hadn't spoken to him in 4 years when suddenly he showed up on her doorstep crying for help. "I was so alarmed, I didn't know what to do. I pulled him in and began to question him and try to comfort him. I was scared." with each word she spoke her  voice cracked in sadness and desperation. She told us how he had told her how just been kidnapped and that he was shot in the head and all this crazy stuff. "I thought it was just some cruel nightmare till I saw the scar on his head. I started freaking out. He told me that he was dead that I was seeing him as a ghost. I started to ask him why he chose to see me or how this was possible but he just told me that you two were going to come and help me figure things out. We were on the floor and his body was rested against mine. I cradled his head. He lowered his voice and in a dying breath spoke two words 'Save me' and with that said he vanished, just like that. He disappeared in my arms. He just turned to smoke. I started bawling my eyes out, I was so confused. I could only hope you two would come and help me. But a couple days after I received a note in the mail. It was an invitation to the hearing of Liam's will and stapled to it was Liam's death conformation and where he was buried. But beside that there was a handwritten note. It read Don't Go. So I didn't." she looked up at us and I could see the pain in her eyes. I tried to take in all that she had told us but it was so much it seemed impossible. I told her what had happened in the studio and about her picture and the engraving on the back. After I finished talking Zayn proceeded to tell her about the note Liam had wrote. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. I could tell she didn't know what to make of this new information. That made three of us. We all sat there in silence trying to put the clues together but we all drew a blank. I spoke the question on everyones mind "IS it possible to bring him back to life?" Zayn and Emily shrugged but in both their eyes I could see hope. "I thinkwe should go, we can meet up tomorrow after a day's rest and try to figure everything out." Zayn said unsure of his own words. We nodded reluctantly but stood and walked to the door. I turned to thank Emily and say bye. But when I turned I saw her body shimmer. Her eyes went slack and out came a hollow voice. "Help me. Go to my grave and you will find a clue." chills were sent down my spine and I ran out of the house. The air outside was cold. I was going insane. I hurried into the car and waited for Zayn. He came running out several minutes later. He was out breath when he turned to look at me. "I saw Liam"


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