The Diary of Mackenzie Robins: Life with only 4/5ths of One Direction

This is a sequel to "Are You the One?"

My name is Mackenzie Robins and I'm 18 years old. Let me start with the basics: My mom is dead, and my dad is dead. Yup pretty tragic I know, but there is a bright side: My best friends are Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik or One Direction and I'm in a long term relationship with Harry Edward Styles, I love that boy. But yet again there's a tragedy to that. Liam Payne is dead. This is his diary and he left it to me. So here I go, this is the story of life as 4/5ths of One Direction.


2. Day 2

Today marks day 2 of life as a broken band, I guess you can say today went a little better than yesterday. We're still trying to figure out what happened. After Paul inspected the trashed room, he called the police. We watched as the studio had been mummified with yellow police tape that read "Caution. Do not Enter." and then afterwards we were all interrogated. The police pressed us for every small detail. I mean did he really have to know what color the table I was sitting on was? Anyways they said there was nothing they could do about the incident but hope it was some kind of cruel prank. In my opinion they didn't do much that was helpful, but I guess you always feel a little safer having them around. Today the boys decided they weren't going to rehearse and instead they would head down to the cemetery and visit Liam's grave. We all got in Harry's Range Rover and drove there together we didn't talk much. There was honestly nothing to talk about that would make anyone feel better, so it was just best to keep silent. Everything was fine but with our luck something just had to go wrong. We heard the engine splutter and fart until it came to a complete stop..two miles away from the cemetery. "ugh" we all moaned. Why was it we couldn't have one peaceful day? Harry called Paul to pick us up. "Why don't we just walk there?" I suggested, it was better than waiting two hours for Paul to get here. Everyone stared at me like if I was crazy. "Mackenzie, you do know the cemetery is 2 miles away, right?" Zayn questioned me while giving me a confused look. "Yeah but I mean it's better than waiting here for two hours," They took the idea into consideration. "Okay, love. I'm in" Harry said and engulfed my hand in his. I smiled slightly and we began to walk away. "Well I'm not staying behind" Niall yelped while jogging up next to us. I tossed my head backward to see if Zayn and Louis would join. "Well me either mate" he shouted and began to rush towards us. "This place creeps me out" Zayn added while speeding to catch up to us. I laughed a little at there silly expressions. I couldn't believe how easily they got scared. A couple of months ago I would have reacted the same and been scared out of my wits, but after facing a panther and a bear I guess you could say I don't scare easily anymore. We walked down the barren highway in silence until Niall spoke up. "Why do you think he did it?" he whispered then looked down. I looked at him quizzically then understood what he meant. Everyone else was still confused so I answered his question. "Well Niall, I guess it was just meant to happen. I know that sounds cold hearted and all but think about it, Why did it happen? What was going on before all this?" everyone stared at me curiously "The band was falling apart and everything was just chaotic. Maybe...maybe this happened to teach us a painful lesson. Liam was such a good guy. He was sweet and charming and funny.." Harry squeezed my hand as if to say "Hello, I'm your boyfriend" I shook my head and continued with a small smile forming in the corners of my mouth "I guess what I'm trying to say is that Liam knew what he was doing. He knew the consequences of taking the bullet. He knows maybe he did it for a reason other than he loves you Niall. Cause you know he does." my voice trailed off and I looked up into the sky, and mouthed I love you, not just to Liam but to mom and dad. I missed them all so much. "I miss him" Zayn said in a low voice as if reading my mind. "We all do" Louis replied "Everything happens for a reason. That's the saying, right?" Harry asked his eyes looked far away as if he were already years ahead of us in time. We all nodded are heads unsure of where he was going with this "Well it's rubbish. Liam didn't deserve this...But I..I guess we have to stay strong and keep his memory alive. We can't just let him die with out a cause. How about we go and we rehearse and we practice and we accept all those interview request and show the world that Liam Payne is still alive, that One Direction is still here" He said slowly with increasing confidence. We absorbed his words and smiled. He was right. "Look" Niall pointed out. We looked up and saw a car heading our way. The car was picking up speed and I soon realized it was headed straight for us. "M-Move!" I shouted and pushed all the boys to one side, the car blazed by us. We looked as it turned sharply to the left then stopped. The head of the car was facing us. Every nerve in my body was telling me to run. "Run, run!" I shouted desperately. We took one last look at the car and ran. We never saw who was in the car or why they tried to run us over but it didn't matter. All that mattered was getting the hell out of there. We were out of breath when we reached the cemetery, luckily the car hadn't chased us. "Bloody hell!" Louis shouted at the sky "Can't we just have one peaceful day!" I agreed with him "C'mon Lou" Harry said while patting him on the back. He acted like the oldest even though he was the youngest. Harry has this overprotective flaw, just like Liam he always wants to put everyone's feelings and safety before his. It's really sweet sometimes but he can't always live like that. He needs to learn this isn't a one man show. I trailed behind the rest, we finally found Liam's grave and knelt down. Everyone was lost in their own thoughts and prayers. We stayed there for an hour or so then headed home. I'm still curious, who was in that car?


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