The Diary of Mackenzie Robins: Life with only 4/5ths of One Direction

This is a sequel to "Are You the One?"

My name is Mackenzie Robins and I'm 18 years old. Let me start with the basics: My mom is dead, and my dad is dead. Yup pretty tragic I know, but there is a bright side: My best friends are Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik or One Direction and I'm in a long term relationship with Harry Edward Styles, I love that boy. But yet again there's a tragedy to that. Liam Payne is dead. This is his diary and he left it to me. So here I go, this is the story of life as 4/5ths of One Direction.


6. A Quest

I sat there, starstruck. "W-what?" I stumble on my words. "I. Saw. Liam." Zayn emphasizes each word he said. "How is that possible?" His face looks pale and his hands were trembling like crazy. "I.. I don't know. I guess he only reveals himself to people he loves?" Zayn's voice was still unsteady and seems so unsure about his theory. "Let's just go home and go to the grave tomorrow. I can't stand going to a grave at night." I felt tiny hairs were sticking up and a thousand goosebumps were made. Let's just hope we find something.


*next day*


"So... erm ... we go to Liam's grave and we can find clues?" Louis fumble on his words in disbelief. He didn't believe when we told him the story of Zayn seeing Liam's ghost and talking to Zayn. "Y- yeah, thats what the ghost told us to do..." his voice trails off as he pulls over by a tree which is near to the graveyard Liam was in. "C'mon, lets go." Niall whispers and grips onto the banquet of roses that were for Liam. We all gather around Liam's grave and waited. We waited for over 10 minutes, but nothing. "Maybe, it was a prank... let's just go." Louis turns around but then something happens. The ghost of Liam had appear in front of us. Right in front of our eyes. "You guys have came." He smiles warmly. I miss seeing that smile and seeing those crinkles by his eyes. "Of course we came. Why wouldn't we?" Niall smiles brightly. There was nothing but happiness in his eyes. "Listen, we only have 10 days to revive me. It takes 40-50 years for my body to be decomposed fully but by 10 days, I'll start losing my tissues. Without my tissues, I cannot be revived." Liam mouth started chattering away and giving out these information for us to remember. "Alright, whats first?" Zayn ask. His voice was no longer unsteady but calm and soothing. "You have to find the things I truly care about, gather it around my grave and I'll come back alive." Louis, being a stupid face, screams "A-as a ZOMBIE?!" "I will smack you Louis." I growl.


"Anyways, what do we have to find?"  Harry asks. His eyebrows creased to a serious face as he listens to what Liam has to say.


"First is my diary. As you can see, Mackenzie has it so you found one thing. Second thing is the ring I gave to Daniella. And the last thing is my grandfather's watch that I truly love." 


"So basically two things done huh?" We all smile in glee at the fact that this quest was easy as cake. But what broke the happiness was an extra information from Liam.


"Not quite. Danielle is hard to be convince and she's traveling a lot for her dance competitions. And my grandfather's watch is hard to find. I don't know where it went after my death. It was in my house but everything was cleared out. All of my stuff was sold or was given away." he had despair in his voice after he said that. We all sighed in unison and said our goodbye's to Liam. 


As we ride to a cafe that we were suppose to meet up with Emily, we chatter away with how we are going to find these stuff in 10 days. "Okay, so we got the diary. Now we need the ring that Liam gave to Danielle and his grandfather's watch." Niall jolts down on a piece of paper and scribble some more words. "Have you guys heard of Danielle lately? I haven't seen or talk to her ever since the funeral..." I said but my voice was not audible enough. "No, but we have her phone number right? So we'll just call her and ask her to meet up." Zayn gave an idea which we all agree to peacefully. "What about the grandfather's watch though?" Louis added. "That, we don't know. We'll have to talk to Emily about it." Zayn pulls by the cafe driveway and we all entered quietly and found Emily sitting by herself with a cup of coffee. "So how did it go?" Emily quickly question us on our little adventure to the graveyard. "Uh, it went well. We saw ... Liam and he told us the things we need to revive him... " Emily face was brighten and her face was no longer pale. "Really? Well, what is it? I want to help!" Niall took out the piece of paper full of scribbles and read it off, "A diary which we already have so all we need is a ring that Liam gave to Danielle and his grandfather's watch." Emily's face was no longer brighten.. "Danielle is in America ... and the grandfather watch ... I really have no idea. We'll need to talk to whoever sold Liam's stuff." "Well we have 10 days so I think we should be paired in groups. Group 1 will be me, Mackenzie, and Zayn. And group 2 will be Niall, Louis, and Emily. Sounds fair?" Harry informed us. I could see that Niall was about to protest but he hold his tongue and continued scribbling some more. Our quest begins tomorrow.



A/N: HEY GUYS! Finally an update! Haha. It's not that we left this story but one of the co- writer left so I guess it's just me, Vivian, writing these stories for you guys to enjoy reading :). One day, maybe one day, I'll ask her to write a chapter for you guys. But for now, it's just me writing them. Sorry for taking forever. Really am. Anyways, can you guys check out one of my fanfics called "Faith"? Thanks! ^ - ^ remember to comment, share, like, and favorite. xx

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