The Cliff

So, we had to write a short story, that we have to hand in, in English. And then I thought, why not post it on here?

Please tell me what you think.


1. The Cliff


There he was. A normal kid, standing on a cliff.

         You might wonder what he was doing there, but first; let me tell you a bit about him. His name was Boone. Boone Scott. He was a normal, sixteen year old boy. Brown hair that in some way always looked like he just stood up, and dull, grey eyes. And he had the cutest dimple when he smiled.

But the dimple wasn’t visible now.

         You see, Boone had just been diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctors said that it was too late for treatment. Not a very nice thing, right? So, what did he do?

         He drove straight to a cliff, to end it all now. I mean, what’s the point in living when you know you have to die soon? Plus, he didn’t want to burden his family. This was a way better solution, right?

         He took a step closer to the edge, and the first teardrop slipped down his cheek. He though about his younger sister. She looked up to him so much. He remembered her first day of school. She was so scared and couldn’t stop shaking. That was, until Boone sat down and told her that school wasn’t so bad and that if anyone was mean to her, he’d kick their ass.

         She had smiled at that. He could still remember it: The cutest dimple was on her right cheek, and her crystal blue eyes had lit up like it was Christmas. That was three years ago, and now she was one of the most popular girls in her class.

         She was going to be devastated.

         Boone took another step, and the second teardrop fell. He thought about his mom. She was going to break down. Hopefully his dad would take care of her.

         Maybe they would stop their constant arguing and fighting. Boone found comfort in that thought. When he jumped, his parents would be so sad that they might find comfort in each other and stop arguing every day.

         Boone stood with his toes curled around the edge of the cliff. He took a deep breath, and let himself fall.

         Everything became dark.

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