those green eyes

Alice has grown up rough, with a father who beat her and her mother, killing her mother. she mets singer Harry stles, after dumping her abusive boyfriend...will he be different then the others? or will it end like before?


7. We are forever

   when we returned from nandos, Niall and Harry went home and Maddie and i went straight to had been a long day, but a good one.


-christmas day-

"Alice! c'mon were gonna be late to pick her up!"

"just a sec I am putting on my earrings."

 Today we were going to pick up my mom from the airport, and then everyone was coming over for Harry's christmas party I was excited for Maddie to meet everyone. I ran down the stairs and Harry and I got in the car and headed for the airport. We picked up my mom and when we got home, we put her stuff in the guest room and she laid down, jet lagged. Meanwhile, Harry and i had some decorating to do. First, we had to plug in the christmas tree lights, wrap some last minute presents, and wait for the cookies to bake. we mustve wrapped 30 presents and i was sick of wrapping. It took up almost the whole time. We had an hour and half until the party started. Harry and Iset out the pies, cookies, chips and salsa, and all of the othe food, then woke up my mother so she could get ready. We hadn't really talked sice she got here, I figured we could save the convo for the party. Harry took some christmas cd's and put them in the radio. The first song, my favorite song, was "do you hear what I hear." We sang along as we waited for guests to arrive. Of course, Maddie was the first one here, Then came Dani and liam, Niall and Ed Sheeran, Zayn and Perrie, Along with Louis and elle, Uncle Simon, Paul, Andy and Olly came, and the rest of the band. Other people came too. My mom came out of the guest room. She looked nice. The boys and their girlfriends sat on the couch with my mom, Maddie, and I.

"So mom, what do you think of Harry."

I forgot. Never put my mom on the spot.

"He seems nice. He needs a haircut. And what happened to you?"

I was suddenly remembering  why I hated her. The groups faces were in shock.


"She looked at me with her grey eyes. Evil.

"You have gained some weight. Talk about muffin top. Have you heard of cardio?"

I looked at her. Harry wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer and showing protection.

"Please, That was uncalled for."

"Well if she wasn't so fat!"

"Mom this is why i hate you!"


 The room got quiet. Everyone was watching us. We had made a scene.

"You need to leave."

Harry jestured to the  door. She grabbed her bags.



I screamed as I ran to Harry's room and into the bathroom. I locked the door. I could barely see I was crying so hard.  Harry started beating on the door.

"Alice please! She is gone now, it's okay. She is just cruel and nothing she said was true!"

I continued to cry, ignoring Harry. I ruined his christmas party.


He pushed up against the door, and it swung open. He ran over to me, laying next to e on the floor. i sat up, legs crossed, and cried into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Harry! I've ruined your party, and made a fool of myself."

"No you haven't."

"You must be so ashamed..."

"harry grabbed my chin, and lifted it up to meet his gaze.

"Alice i could never be ahsamed of you... Because I love you."

My eyes lit up. Our foreheads rested on each other's.We were so close that it seemed impossible to be any closer.

"I love you too Harry."

He kissed me and helped me up. I wiped away my tears and touched up the dark smears on my cheekbones. I joined the party again. Perrie ran up to me.

"Alice Oh my God I'm so sorry. Your so not a cow."

A crowd had formed around Harry and I, consisting of Ed, Olley, the girls and the boys.

"She's a Bitch. don't let her bullshit get to you."

Louis said.

"I knew I shouldn't have invited her."

My voice trailed off.

"You couldn't have known she would do that."

Ed gave me a pat on the shoulder. Niall ruffled my hair.
"Well enough of all this pitty on me. Lets open presents."

We opened presents for a long time. Harry and i decided to wait untill the party eneded. Once it did, we sat on the couch, the fire place lit up, and opened them. My gift to harry was a pair of converse, something simple. But I regretted it when i opened his gift. A silver heart-shaped locket. Inside, a picture of Harry and I. On the back, "Love is forever" was engraved. My face mustv'e been as shocked as I felt, because Harry wrapped his arms around me in a loving hug.

"We are forever."

He whipered into my ear, before placing a kiss on my temple.



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