those green eyes

Alice has grown up rough, with a father who beat her and her mother, killing her mother. she mets singer Harry stles, after dumping her abusive boyfriend...will he be different then the others? or will it end like before?


5. Meeting the gang

Light penetraed the violet curtains when I finally opened my eyes. Maddie was getting ready.

"Where are you going?"

"My parents house. I will be back tonight."

She rewpled coldly. It was obvious she was still pissed off at me.

"Are you still mad at me?"

"I will see you later."

She shut the door behind her. I sighed heavily. Since I was beinging shunned by Maddie, I figured I would text Harry.

We textedfor awhile before he asked if I wanted to hang out. He said he wanted me to met the rest of the gang. I got up to get dressed.

I put on a black sundress and som gold toms. I slapped on some maekeup and straightened my hair. I locked up the dorm and ran ithrough the rain to his mecedes. I opened the door and climbed in.

"well don't you look nice."

Harry complimented.

"Thank you."

He smiled. We drove for a while before Harry turned on the radio. Wake me up by Ed Sheeran.

"I love this song."

Harry muttered as he turned it up.

"See I could do without a tan, on my left hand, where my fourth finger meets my knuckle, and I should run you a hot bath, and fill it up with bubbles."

"Me too."

When we got to Louis house, I was amazed by the size. It was huge, and beautiful.

I said in awe.

It's nice huh?"

Harry said.

"He rang the door bell. Louis opened the door. He looked at me in confuesion and then at Harry.

"Hey man, whts going on?"

They did a little fist bump-handshake thing with Harry.

"who's this?"

He looked at me and half smiled.

"This is Alice. My new girlfriend."

"Hi Alice. I'm Louis."

"She is a fan."

I smiled, a little embarressed. Louis stepped back, allowing us to enter his beautiful house. I walked through the towering entry way, trying not to look to amazed, but I have a feeling I was failing epicly. Harry led me to a sofa in the wide living room. I sat down. Harry told me to wait while he went with Louis to get some drinks. Eleanor came from behind a door in the hallway across from the living room. She looked up from her phone and my presents made her stop dead in her tracks.


She said in a awkward why the hekk are you in my house tone.

I shyly relplied.

Harry and Louis returned. Eleanor gve Louis a strange look and nodded in my direction. Louis laughed, seeing her confuesion.  

"Elle, This is Alice. arry's new girlfriend."

She giggled and her face lit up.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Hi Alice! I'm Eleanor, You can call me Elle."

Harry laughed.

"She knows who you are Eleanor. She is a fan."

"Oh cool! I was a fan too."


I giggled. They all went and sat down.

"I called the rest of the gang, they should be here soon."

Louis said,smiling.


I was trying to stay calm, but I was really overwhelmed and it was hard.

Harry noticed, rubbing circles into my back.


The sun was setting, and I had already met Louis, Eleanor, and Niall. We were sitting around a fire in hs back yard. Around the corner, came Zayn, Liam, Danielle, and Perrie. I was happy, but not completely fangirling because I had spent a few hours with the other boys and it was getting semi normal.
"So, How did you and Harry meet?"

Zayn asked.

"Oh, we met in London. We ran into each othe ron the streets."

I was menatlly thanking Harry for not mentioning the other part to the story. It wasn't time. I seemed to wait too long for everything huh?

"Thats cool."

Perrie said. We talked for along time. Louis came back with some hot dogs. We roasted them over the fire, along with some marshmellows.

I looked at the clock. half past 11. Jesus! MAddie would be pissed if I don't show up soon. I was hoping she would forgive me soon. Harry went to go get another drin kand I followed him in.


"Yes babe?"

"I can't than kyou enough fo bringing me here, everyone is so nice, but I really need to get home. At one point or another I need to tell Maddie before she finds out herself.

"That's okay love! I will let the boys know."

We walked out, hand in hand.

"Hey, guys we need to be getting back. It's getting late."

"Okay! Nice meeting you Alice!"

"Same.I had a great time."

They lined up, each person giving me a hug. They were so welcoming. This is all so cazy.

Harry drove me home. We gt out of the car, and exchanged a hug. He placed me a very sweet kiss to my lips. I smiled up at him.

"see you later."

I whispered.

"I hope."

He gave me one last peck before getting back in his car, and I entered my room.

Maddie sat on the bed, watching the midnight news.


That was the first time she had really talked to me.


"What the HELL is this?"

She put extra attention to the word hell.


She rewinded the tv and hit play. Uh Oh.

"Taylor swift and Harry styles were hanging out last weekend in the streets,"

The reporter on tv said.

"And? we know Haylor isBullshit."

"Keep watching."

"But yesterday, he as seen with another girl, Is she just a friend, or is Mr. Styles and little player?"

A picture of us walking flashed on the screen.


I cursed.

"Why didn't you tell me!"

She nearly screamed.

"You were mad at me, and I thought it was too soon."

I retaliated.


"I'm sorry Maddie."

"Stop apologizing and tell me the details! I wanna know everything."

She put in the take me home target version and thefirst song she played was magic. It took me forever, but I finally eneded th stor and it caught up with us in reality.

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