those green eyes

Alice has grown up rough, with a father who beat her and her mother, killing her mother. she mets singer Harry stles, after dumping her abusive boyfriend...will he be different then the others? or will it end like before?


8. Is he really mine?

    I lay next to Harry, staring at my ceiling. My head rested on his chest, and I listened to his heart beat. Calmed by the rise and fall of his chest, I let my thoughts wonder. How the hell did I get so damn lucky? Harry was something truly indescribable. He was.. Not like he seemed. People looked at him as a player, and he wasn't. Directioners looked at him as a cheeky, romantic, crazy guy. But, He was so much more than that. He was romantic, but it was different. It was kind of like, whenever I was with him, it didn't seem like he was going crazy at the fact that he had my heart, like he was happy. It was like, he truly loved me. Like, he knew he had me, and he was lucky, genuinely shocked that he had me, like my life was worth so much more than his, which wasn't even remotely close to being true. Harry was the best thing I had, I was the lucky one, not him. But try telling him that. I stared down at the locket on my neck, then over at his face. His eyes flickered mid-dream. He looked so sweet. I kissed his jawbone and wrapped my arm around his waist. I drifted off to sleep.

"Baby... Baby wake up. Alice,"

Harry shook me out of my sleep.


I groaned tired.

"We have somewhere to go today. Get up."

"Where are we going?"

"You will find out once you get up."


I rolled over in ed, beingas stubborn as usual.

"I'm only gonna ask you one more time. Get up?"


"Ok then..."

Harry tickled at my sides. I squealed.

"Harry! Stop!"

"No more mister nice guy!"


"Get up!"

"Fine I will get up!"

I sat up, throwing a pillow at Harry. He laughed.

"You look gorgous."

"Harry I just woke up."

"I know."

He leaned in to kiss me. I smiled, and walked into the kitchen, teasing him.

I was standing by the counter, pouring some orange juice, when harry suprised me. He picked me up and sat me on the counter, standing between my thighs. Our foreheads rested on each others and we didnt kiss for a while, our lips rubbing against the other, just staring at each


"Alice peomise me You will never leave me."

Harry whispers.

"Never. I promise, I love you Harry."

"Not as much as I love you."

His lips met contact with mine. My eyes fluttered shut as i kissed him back. His kiss was so sweet, it was my obsession. I don't think i could go a year without it. Did I mention he leaves for the tour in two days? He pulled away and looked straight into my eyes. 

"You need to get ready."

I giggled and slid off the counter, pushing past Harry. I locked the bedroom door. Maddie and  had kind of moved out of the dorm, we were living with our boyfriends now. The dorm had all of our stuff, but we just didnt sleep there. all of my clothes were at Harry's place. I Put on some high waisted black shorts and a flowy torquise top that hung off of one shoulder. I paired that with some sparkly black heels.

I painted on my mask of makeup before heading out.

I held Harry's hand as I walked down the sidewalk next to him, walking towards the car.

"So... where are we going?"



authors note

hey guys sorry this is just a filler because some big stuff happens next so i didnt want to continue!!!! it will be abou a week before i can update again because i have to clean my room and get it perfect so i can buy my 1D cutouts. so i have some re organizing and cleaning to do. I also have to use my computer, (Using my grandmas) because her keyboard is uncomfortable. Ok well follow my twitter, @narrytomlinsoup, my ig @amstyles333\

and kik me @amystyles333    enjoy!!!

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