those green eyes

Alice has grown up rough, with a father who beat her and her mother, killing her mother. she mets singer Harry stles, after dumping her abusive boyfriend...will he be different then the others? or will it end like before?


2. bye bye brandon

  I opened he back door, not taking any chances of Brandon catching up to me. I ran inside and locked the sliding glass door. i grabbed her home phone, tears pouring. The blood smeared on my face let Carly know what had happened. SHe was the only one who knew, as well as my best friend. I called 911.

"911 whats your emergency?"

"Please my boyfriend, he hit my and chased me to my neighbors house, I'm bleeding and we looked him outside but I'm afraid he will get in." 

"Are you alone with him?"

"No my friend is with me."
"what is your address?"

"33523 Journal dr. my name is Alice."

"We are sending law enforcement. stay calm and don't let him inside."


i hung up. The cops were there almost immediately. I watched as the cuffed Brandon and shoved him into the patrol car. The medics cleaned my face and told me to be careful. Brandon was gone, finally i am free. 


I opened my eyes and became aware of what day it was. My 18th birthday. I wasn't excited though. Normally, birthdays are a celebration, your center of attention. Well my adopted parents didn't celebrate my birthday, because I wasn't blood family. Carly always celebrated with me, I would spend the night at her house, and she would get me a small cake from walmart and some ice cream. we would watch movies all night and go shopping the next day. She was really the only friend I had. I crawled out of bed and walked down the hall. Christy, my adopted mom, was at work along with dan, my "Dad". I was home alone, thank God. my "family" pissed me off. Christy called.


I answered alf asleep still. 

"Go to the store, get some bread, rice, and potatoes for dinner tonight."

"Can't you do it? It is my birthday and you are already out. I want to relax."



i hung up the phone. they were so fucking mean. I put on my shoes and a sweater and grabbed my keys. I graduated early, and I would be heading to college next fall. It was mid December now, so I still had about a year with these witches. Then, I would be going to LOndon, to study dermatology. I got in the car and drove to walmart.


AUTHORS NOTE: hey guys sorry i didn't make this chapter very long. i am really busy with school stuff and other crap :/ I promise i will try my best to update every day:) MORE TOMORROW:D


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