What if..?

What if Niall and Louis hadn't gotten through in the X-factor? If Zayn had been disqualified because he didn't dance? If Liam had been sent home during the live-shows, and Harry had won on his own? Were would these boys be now? All alone, even though we all know they were meant to be together. What exactly would their lives be like without One Direction?
(Please tell me if anyone wants me to continue this story, 'cause i've kinda lost interest in it...)


3. Zayn




                     I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. Not with all those cameras everywhere. With people everywhere, watching me. What if I messed up?  They would laugh; make me feel even more pathetic than I already did. I know that they said that everyone had to participate in all the arrangements, exercises and rehearsals, but I just couldn’t do it. So when Simon found me and told me that if I didn’t get in there and started dancing, he would have to disqualify me, I knew I would be gone by nightfall. I hadn’t even wanted to go in the first place. From the very start it had just been my Mom making me go. And maybe she was right; maybe I did have a nice voice, but who were we kidding? I didn’t have the talent for that kind of life, and more importantly, I did in no way have the confidence for anything along that way. But, no matter how much I tried to convince myself that this really wasn’t something for me, I couldn’t help the tears trickling down my cheeks as my Mom drove my home, and I left my dreams behind.   Dreams I tried to deny, but knew were real and were there. But I had to wake up, grow up, and realize that dreams only last that long, and that one day I would have to return to the real world. That day just came earlier for me than for so many others, and unlike so many others, I did, in all honesty, have serious regrets about it.


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