What if..?

What if Niall and Louis hadn't gotten through in the X-factor? If Zayn had been disqualified because he didn't dance? If Liam had been sent home during the live-shows, and Harry had won on his own? Were would these boys be now? All alone, even though we all know they were meant to be together. What exactly would their lives be like without One Direction?
(Please tell me if anyone wants me to continue this story, 'cause i've kinda lost interest in it...)


2. Niall






                        “I like you, but I just don’t think you are ready. I’m sorry.” Oh crap. No way. This can’t be happening. I wasn’t sure if she had really said that, or if I had just imagined it, and as much as I hoped it was the latter, something told me that this was very real. I just went on autopilot, and my body started moving for me. It gave the judges a small thank you and a curt nod, before walking backstage. I couldn’t feel or register anything as I made my way further away from where my dreams had crashed and burned. It wasn’t until I had made my way completely out of the building, and into an alley that I broke down. The tears were streaming down my face, and I fell to the ground, crying my heart out, I sat there for hours. It was dark and had become quite cold when my mum finally found me and brought me home. But no matter what she said, and no matter how much she insisted that I had done great, nothing could change the fact that I was never going back to any place like that again. I had realised something while I was sitting there, you see. I had come to terms with the fact that I had no musical talent, and that I had nothing to do in that industry. I promised myself, on that very day, that I was never going to sing again. It just wasn’t worth it.



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