What if..?

What if Niall and Louis hadn't gotten through in the X-factor? If Zayn had been disqualified because he didn't dance? If Liam had been sent home during the live-shows, and Harry had won on his own? Were would these boys be now? All alone, even though we all know they were meant to be together. What exactly would their lives be like without One Direction?
(Please tell me if anyone wants me to continue this story, 'cause i've kinda lost interest in it...)


6. Louis


   Three years later


      How ya doing?  By Little mix was blasting through the car speakers as I pulled up to the school. the parking lot was full off tired teenagers, and the only reason they seemed to let me get through was because I was a teacher. But I was young, only a few years older than my students, and a new face, so I still didn't get the same amount of respect as the older and more experienced teachers. Parking was a breeze since the teachers had their own parking lot, which was great since I remember how hard it was back when I was in school myself and all the spaces where taken because everyone in the last year had just gotten a car and was eager to show it off in school. When I was sure everything in my car had been turned off, I grabbed my briefcase and slammed the door shut, making my way towards the doors, trying to avoid the hordes of students. I was still humming the melody of the last song I had been listening to, on my way there as I walked into the teachers lounge. As usual there was a queue at the coffee machine, seeing as every single one of the teachers were tired as hell, and in dire need of caffeine. I quickly got in line, patiently waiting for the amazing numbers of out-dated teachers to fill up their mugs and get out of there. When it was finally my turn, I grabbed two mugs and quickly filled them up, one with milk and a bit of sugar and one completely black. I always made sure to get a cup of coffee in the morning for my friend Zayn, another young teacher who had just started like me, since he wasn't exactly an early bird. I was wobbling along with my two mugs, when I spotted him. The poor guy was just walking in the door, looking grumpy as hell, still rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"Zayn, mate, there you are." I called out to him and he looked, trying to spot me in the midst of all the old people. He looked relived as I came striding up to him, handing him his black coffee.

"Thanks man, just what I needed. I really don't know what I would do without you, Louis." He said, a grateful smile on his lips. I chuckled and we both sipped at our coffee's, as we began to make our way to our respective classrooms. We small-talked a bit on the way, but Zayn's English classroom was just down the hall, so it didn't take long before we got there. We said our goodbyes, and soon I was making my way to my own classroom in the emptying halls.

I taught two subjects, drama and music, drama being the one that morning. I liked this morning class, the students were somewhat interested, something you couldn't expect from most teenagers. I opened the door to find a full class of kids staring at me. I shook my head as I walked in.

"Full house, once again. Jesus, I cant believe you guys. This is drama, the class were everyone skips." I dropped my briefcase on the desk and eyed the class thoughtfully. "I mean, seriously when I was in your age half of the class wasn't present at classes like this, myself included at times." The class chuckled at this and I smiled. "Okay, so today we are gonna be doing dialogues, but with roles. So everybody pick a slip from the hat and find a partner." I walked around with a hat full of paper slips. "Come on people, get to it. Josh, if you don't have that many friends in this class, its alright to pair up with someone you don't like." Some of the students laughed as the poor kid turned red, and looked around for a partner like I told him.


      It had been a long day and I was tired as hell. After school was over all the teachers had held a great big meeting which had stretched on for hours of old people talking about all the problems teachers seemed to have with their students. While most of these dinosaurs honestly believed that it was the teenagers that had an attitude problem and lacking respect for their teachers, both Zayn and I, who had just graduated ourselves, were fairly certain that the actual problem lay with the teachers themselves. These ancient beings just didn't understand that times had changed, and that kids were cheekier these days.

Sighing, I slammed the front door to my apartment shut, and quickly threw off my coat and stepped out my shoes. It was late, and I hadn't really felt like cooking, something I wasn't really able to do anyways, so I had just grabbed some Chinese takeout on the way home. I settled in my couch, food in hand, and flicked on the TV. The news came on, and they were talking about some strike in Denmark. Ha, poor bastards. I had read a bit about in the newspaper that morning, and all I can say is that I am happy its not me. I mean gees, having the teachers work longer without more pay? That's brutal, man. Not in the mood to hear about more depressing stuff, I switched channel. Something about the Royal family. Yuck. Next. Top gear. Not in the mood. Downton Abby. Cant be arsed. Slightly annoyed I flicked to the next one. A boy with curly hair and green eyes stared beck at me, a big smile on his face, showing off his dimples. Harry Styles. He laughed as the interviewer asked him something I didn't hear. He had come along way since I accidently met him on the X-factor. I smiled a bit at the thought of how nervous he had looked back then, and how grateful he had been for me rooting for him. He had grown so much in these past three years. But hell, I told him he was gonna be a superstar, and I had been right. I even had a picture with myself and him from back then. He had come along way. I chuckled a nit at the thought of the world wide superstars scared face from when he was sixteen.

With a slightly aching heart, I decided just to go for Grease, and soon I was munching my food, while singing along to John Travolta, and even making my voice high to match Olivia Newton-John.


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