What if..?

What if Niall and Louis hadn't gotten through in the X-factor? If Zayn had been disqualified because he didn't dance? If Liam had been sent home during the live-shows, and Harry had won on his own? Were would these boys be now? All alone, even though we all know they were meant to be together. What exactly would their lives be like without One Direction?
(Please tell me if anyone wants me to continue this story, 'cause i've kinda lost interest in it...)


5. Harry




                                     The screams were deafening, and adrenalin rushed through my veins. I couldn’t believe that they had called my name over Matt! Everyone was laughing and congratulating me, even Matt. An enormous smile was plastered on my face, and it wouldn’t disappear until hours later. I guess that that just was a happy time for me. A time where everything changed for the better. It wasn’t until months later that I realised just how lonely this life was going to be. With all these people wanting to be my friends, acting like they had known me forever, with all those girls throwing themselves at me, expecting me to take them. With rumours spreading like the wind. And nobody who actually understood what it was like to be me. Where no one really cared. I rarely got to see my family, and going home became a treat. At the times where I came to think of my life like this, I was reminded of the first time I auditioned for the X-factor. How different the world had looked to me back then. I also came to think about how incredibly nervous I had been at my first audition, having just seen this amazing guy getting one to many no’s. I had been so insecure then, but then the same guy had told me that I was great, and if not like this, I was going to be famous in some other way. I guess he was right. And then there was Liam. He and I had gotten on really well during the show, and he had helped me multiple times. Him going home was really hard. I had missed him during the finals, and I wished that he had been there to help prepare. I missed both of them, and I wished both of them were still here. With me now, helping me. ’Cause honestly, even though I have won so much, every night when I turn off the lights, it feels like I’m the one loosing.


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