Only You

When Mckenna gets a chance to meet One Direction on Valentines day her world is put upside down. Will she be able to stay with her one true love?


1. Valentines Day

              Mckenna`s P.O.V

       I woke up to the sun streaming in my window showering me with rays of bright color. It was Valentines day and I had no school so I went downstairs and saw a box of sweet hearts on the table. On the back it said, "Happy V-day sweety!" I knew this was coming because evey year my mom put out a box of sweet hearts with something written on the back. She did this ever since my Dad died because she felt bad for me and she thought i needed cheering up. But I was fine Dad died when I was very young so it didn`t matter much to me  but it would have been nice to grow up with two parents insted of one.

    I took the box of sweet hearts and went up to my room. I was excited because today my friends were coming over to watch  Valentines Day which was our favorite holiday movie. We saw it last year and loved it so we decided to watch it every valentines day.

   Just then i heard a knock on the door. I heard my mom get it so i went downstairs to see who it was and of course it was bestes friend in the whole world Avery.

    "Mckenna!" Avery practically screamed my name.

    "Hi Avery! Whats Up!"

    "Not much just tots excited for tonight! When are the others coming?"

    "Around Three. But we should go do something before they come."

     "K. Let`s go over to that new ice cream shop it seems tots delish!"

     "Alright just let me go get dressed."

I ran upstairs as fast as I could this was gonna be awesome. I just needed money and then I was set. I threw on some clothes and ran downstairs.

 "Let`s go." I said.

When we got to the shop it was packed so i told Avery to wait in line and then i went to go find us a table. I searched everywhere outside and there was nothing so i went ahead and tried to look in the park. I was walking but I didn`t look where I was going and Bam! I fell face first into someones warm body.  



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