32 Letters. -Niall Horan Love Story-


1. One.-

"Niall!" Harry yelled from down stairs.

I covered my head with my pillow to block out his yelling.

"Niall!" He yelled again while coming up the stairs. I could here his foot steps coming closer to me.

I felt his hand touch the side of the blanket that kept me covered up. then all of a sudden I felt a cool breeze as he ripped the blankets off of me.

"What did you do that for?" I snapped as I sat up in my bed.

He threw a couple of letters on my lap.

"These are for you." He said.

I looked through the scattered letters on my lap. I picked them up and looked through them.

"Mum, fan mail, fan mail, fan mail, and-" I muttered to myself but then stopped when I came across a letter that was labeled 'Anonymous'.

"Uh. Harry." I said, not taking my eyes off the unopened letter.

He turned and looked at me.

"Who is this letter from?" I asked, taking the letter by one of its corners and moving it around a bit in the air.

"I don't know. Who does it say its from?" He asked.

"No. It only says anonymous."

"Hmm." He said with a confused look on his face. "That's weird."

"I know." I said, my voice fading off as I started to open the letter.

I pulled out the letter and looked at the short neatly written letter. Harry sat down next to me as I started to read.

Dear Niall,

        You don't know who I am.. And I tend to keep it that way. For now at least. That's if you can remember me. I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking that I am just one of those crazy and obsessive fans. But I'm not. I was way more than that. Even if I told you who I was, you probably still wouldn't have remembered me. And writing and sending this letter could just be a total waste. But I'll give you a clue to who I am. Clue 1: mud pies.


"Mud pies?" Harry said, questioningly and looked at me confused.

"I honestly do not have a clue." I said.

"But you do have a clue. The clue is 'mud pies'." Harry said with a chuckled.

I flashed him a warning look.

Then I just sat there and stared at the letter. Studying it. Who could have wrote me this letter?
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