Colonial Times

Taylor James from Toyah, Midson lives with her brother Jackson who are raised by Tokiets, a type of dog with snake-like bodies, she desperatly wants to live with humans but, she lives in the woods with no friends,family ( beside her brother), or fresh clothes, what will happen? Read to find out


4. Chapter. 4

Acain was slithering in the room when she told us We should move out, I mean the entire family get a new place in the woods. I thought that was an excellent idea, I mean I feel bad Jackson who stinks up the woods. We decided to help find a place and stuff, they said we should get a wood kingdom were different type of amphibians live. That was find and dandy until I realized that the amphibians could eat us, So we crossed that idea out ! Now, Acain went to look at open woods. I was worried because it is dangerous out there with killers and lions and snakes and all that stuff. It has been an hour and Acain has still not returned. I'm worried and so is jackson. I think it's time I took charge, I grabbed my bag and headed were everybody new Acain the Triumph woods. I entered and I was super scared, But I took risks how do you think I'm living with the tokiets ? Actually, I kind of don't know the answer to that. If Acain gets hurt she will fight back. it's that simple, I feel my wavy hair tingle tingle along my back. I run in to unlucky animals. Lizards, long lizards. I'm scared out of hesitation, I run.
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