Colonial Times

Taylor James from Toyah, Midson lives with her brother Jackson who are raised by Tokiets, a type of dog with snake-like bodies, she desperatly wants to live with humans but, she lives in the woods with no friends,family ( beside her brother), or fresh clothes, what will happen? Read to find out


3. Chapter 3

Ha ? Are you alright?,Yes,I'm fine. You do not seem fine! Well, I am. Why ? What happened to me? You felt sick, Musy thought you were. Jackson, what did you and Musy talk about ? Taylor! What ?! It was a father-son talk. Okay, Jackson, next time I won't ask. I'm crying inside, Jackson never meet his dad. I felt a motion swifting through my body, I feel guilty and want to desperately ask Jackson, Do you want to return home ?
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