Colonial Times

Taylor James from Toyah, Midson lives with her brother Jackson who are raised by Tokiets, a type of dog with snake-like bodies, she desperatly wants to live with humans but, she lives in the woods with no friends,family ( beside her brother), or fresh clothes, what will happen? Read to find out


1. chapter 1

I wake up to a unusual scent, It's my owner Musy the leader of the Tokiets trying to wake up my human brother Jackson, He does not budge; he must be tired from the long walk in the woods yesterday, we were tired because Blake, my tokiet brother was going toward the Follower's Lost Path. Most people get lost and luckily Musy knew the way out, that was an extra 45 minutes!, If you are wondering the Tokiets i live with are Musy, Acain, Blake,and Christina. Christina is like my sister if you read in the story info a tokiet is a dog with a snake-like body.Christina protected me from the Cosy a dangerous type of long lizard. She got hurt badly,in fact she almost died but, she said 'family is first and it does not matter what type of species the family is'. I cried a little because the way I ended up with the tokiets are amazing. I was walking with my brother, Jackson out of the neighborhood and we stopped to play a game of run in the woods. Well, I ran in the woods so fast i tripped over a small yet very dangerous lizard I was bruised badly when I heard footsteps It was Jackson coming check on me, He kicked the lizard but, it rapped around his foot when I heard a slither, a dog in a body of a snake actually brought a Cadin a small leaf that had slithery slimy stuff on it. He wiped me and my brother's bruises and brought us to their hut, We were asleep when we woke up, I asked the Tokiet if we could stay here for a few days, It ended up being days slowly turning in to weeks, months and a year, We ate fruit, meat, and leafs. We had the tokiet's trust, they had ours. We never spoke of returning, even though we could I live in the Colonial Times Woods, with Musy his wife Acain and there two kids, Blake and Cristina and my human brother, Jackson. I always will miss 8th grade, as Jackson will miss 6th.I have brown hair,and blue eyes, Jackson has gingery Orange hair and green eyes. We will have to hunt for food tomorrow and go visit the Tokiet family the day after. I  feel safe with the tokiets, I don't know why,though

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