Well, it's coming up to spring fairly soon (or maybe it is spring already?). Anyway, I get the seasons mixed up. But here is what is going to be a collection of spring poems to lighten up the mood :) Enjoy! :D


1. 1

As the clouds form above us,

And the birds swoop below,

The bees hum a little tune,

Whilst pretty flowers grow.


The sun gleams upon us,

Shining in the sky,

People's faces lighting up,

Bees are flying by.


Everything is changing,

Slowly bit by bit,

Gardens filling up with people,

Deckchairs they all sit.


Whilst the rainy days are gone,

The sunny days appear,

Suntan, bikinis, swimming pools,

All the fun is here!


All this fun and happiness

What will it all bring?

The winter: nearly over...

So here must come the spring!





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