a new life with the boys

*i wanna say first i got this idea from mrs_steph_malik i already talked to her you should read her movellas they are really good! thanks steph!* So this is about bridget horan niall horans sister some things happen and now she lives with the boys! Now here are some of her adventures in a new life with the boys!


3. I love you more than anything in the world

*Bridgets pov*

boom...... we crashed 'what to do hmm' "GREG? MOM? DAD?" I see gregs phone i call 911

911: hi whats your emergancy

me:(crying) my family have been in a car accident (crying)

911: ok sweetie calm down

me: i cant calm down!! my family has just been in a accident!

911:sweetie tell me your location

me: uhmm on ther corner of wooster and oak dale drive

911: we will send paramedics over

me: (sobing) ok (sobing)

2 minutes later (ambulance noises)

"bridge" i turn around and see greg laying there "i love you with all my heart bridge"

"greg i love you more than aynthing in the world" "miss" "yes" i say as i turn around, i am so sorry but i have to go you know to much" says the man who caused the crash as he runs away "miss are you hurt" "uhm yeah just a little shocked" "sweetie can you get in the ambulance...... but mom? dad ? greg?

"they will be ok , ok now lets go" i turn around one last time and i see greg mouth 'i love you with all my heart''

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