a new life with the boys

*i wanna say first i got this idea from mrs_steph_malik i already talked to her you should read her movellas they are really good! thanks steph!* So this is about bridget horan niall horans sister some things happen and now she lives with the boys! Now here are some of her adventures in a new life with the boys!


5. gone

* louis pov*

i feel bad for asking niall about going with him but i miss him terribly. now we are in the secret room for a band meeting its just not the same with niall here but we just hope hes alright and so is his family. bridget i hoope shes ok. He just said hes sorry for earler he just needed to get to bridget. love you guys. tell him we love him! i said

*bridget pov*

gosh i need niall here now its now 10:56 at night all alone i just want him here with me.... whats that noise i though i look out the window an i see a cab paparazzi fans and that famous blonde hair i smile at myself for the first time in a couple hours and run out side im now in the lobby and he walks through the door and i run and hug him and just cry and cry and cry. "shhhh binky calm down shhh binky its going to be ok! (he calls my binky) lets go talk to the doctor..............

*nialls pov*

mr. horan i hear i turn around , yes doctor may i talk to you alone he says looking at bridget.

"im really sorry to tell you this but they are gone. greg is still alive but he wont make it by tomrow he lost too much blood and his heart is failing im soo sorry he is braindead so no vistitors......

ok i guess thank you for trying.... i said bridge i saw there gone.........

*bridget pov*

WHAT THEY CANT BE GONE!!!!!!!!!! NO THEY ARENT DID THE DOCTOR EVEN TRT TO SAVE THEM!!!! its gonna be ok binky its gonna be ok lets just go home niall says inbetween sobs. i ... i......i just cant belive they are gone i think to my self gone............ 



(authors note! sorry if this is bad this is my first one and im not the best writer well im gonna try to update very day if possibe! also whos watching the super bowl im at the game!!!! we had a blackout soo i updated !! haha sooo 3 words LETS GO NINERS!!!!! I came all the way from alaska to come see you win lets go!!! did you guys see beyonce preform two words AMAZING!!!!!! )


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