a new life with the boys

*i wanna say first i got this idea from mrs_steph_malik i already talked to her you should read her movellas they are really good! thanks steph!* So this is about bridget horan niall horans sister some things happen and now she lives with the boys! Now here are some of her adventures in a new life with the boys!


2. boom....

*bridgets pov*

so today is my birthday! so mom dad me and greg are going out to eat and opening presents!!! "bridget hurry up" my mom called! "coming" i wore blue shorts and a blue and green tank top and my sparkley vans I left my bleach blond hair down in its naturally curly waves. I think its weird how niall and greg have brown a hair and i got bleach blonde but that really dosent matter. - 2 hours later- "thanks for dinner mom, now lets go open presents!!" So now we are in the car going home and i felt like something was wrong i looked around i saw dad driving mom in the passenegers seat , greg making faces at me. hmm everything is normal. "i love you bridget happy birthday baby girl" my dad said "why are you saying that whats wro..BOOM!!!!

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