a new life with the boys

*i wanna say first i got this idea from mrs_steph_malik i already talked to her you should read her movellas they are really good! thanks steph!* So this is about bridget horan niall horans sister some things happen and now she lives with the boys! Now here are some of her adventures in a new life with the boys!


4. alone...............

*liam payne pov*

band meeting i yelled into my phone as i head to our secret room once we im in there i sit in my usal spot witch is the chair hanging from the ceiling with my toy story blanket

in comes zayn on harrys back amd harry on louis back. those guys are something else then niall comes in and sits in the corner not saying anything. "whats wrong niall" i ask him. "my parents greg and bridget they have been in a accedent i need to go to mullingar can i go?""Niall of course go we will drive you! guys lets go"

*bridget pov*

im all alone in some hostpital on my birthday not knowing were anyone is or whats going on i have no contact with niall and my family could be dead for all i know right now. im sitting in a room staring o6ut the window. I see and bus out there with nialls face on the side. i wonder if the doctors or nurse contacted niall yet i miss him soo bad i hope he gets here soon

*niall pov*

 "I hope they are ok they all just cant leave like this. the doctor said they all were hurt pretty badly except for bridget she was perfectly fine just in a little shock thats but she is 12 well 13 years old today alone in a hospital shes is most likely freaking out right now! thanks boys ill update you soon " "your sure you dont want us to come" louis asked "no im sorry guys i love you but i need to be with just my family right now you guys arent family i love you guys ill be home soon. i said as i got out of the car. i think that was kinda harsh but i need to get to bridget now . im now boarding the plain i text zayn and tell him" sorry about early i just need to get to bridget.love you guys bye"

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