a new life with the boys

*i wanna say first i got this idea from mrs_steph_malik i already talked to her you should read her movellas they are really good! thanks steph!* So this is about bridget horan niall horans sister some things happen and now she lives with the boys! Now here are some of her adventures in a new life with the boys!


1. prolouge

*bridgets pov*

hi my name is bridget horan! I am 12 years old turing 13 on may 12! I live in mullingar ireland! now i guess your wondering if im related to big time celeberty niall horan from one direction...no im related to niall horan from mullingar ireland who happens to be in one direction but i never get to see him and the boys they all live in london in the same apartment building (authors note i live in america so i dint really no the british terms and stuff so sorry) it goes louis, harry, niall, liam, zayn all in a row then the back of there houses all connect into a room with a telly, kitchen, bathroom,couch and a slide on the wall!! its so cool! any waysi live with my mom and greg.


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