The Cheater -Harry Styles Love Story-

"Can we talk about this?" He asked me.
"No." I replied bluntly.
"Please." He begged. "Give me another chance."
I could feel the tears begin to build up. I bit my lip to try to stop me from bursting out crying. One tear slipped and slowly rolled down my cheek.
"No." I responded and then grabbed my bag and walked out the door, tears streaming down my face when I was out of his sight.


1. One.-

I just finished picking out my outfit [this] for tonight's Christmas party when my phone started to ring.

I quickly answered it, not even bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I ask while holding the phone between my shoulder and the side of my face. I grabbed my dress and slipped it on.

"Where are you?" A voice asked me. I recognized the owner to the voice immediately. It was Jade.

"I am getting ready right now as we speak." I responded as I was putting in my earrings. 

"You were suppose to be here 20 minutes ago!" She yelled. I could here the muffled sounds of people talking in the background.

"I know. I'm sorry. I guess I just lost track of the time. I will be there in a couple of minutes." I said and then hanged up and closed the phone before she could say anything else back to me.

I looked in the mirror as I took my make up and dabbed a little of blush on my cheeks. I puckered my lips and then ran my bright red lipstick across them. I smacked my lips together to spread it around. After I was finished putting on my make up, I easily and carefully took out the curlers I had put in my hair a couple hours before, letting them bounce as the fell down past my shoulders. Then I took my high heels and slipped them on my small feet. 

Before leaving the room, I ruffled my hair a little bit and then grabbed my keys and headed down stairs and out the door. I opened the door and a huge gust of  cold wind blew against my face, pushing my hair back. I ran over to my car and quickly got inside. 

-Skip car ride-

I pulled up to Jade's house minutes later. Her driveway was filled with cars. Some cars even had to park on the side of the road. I pulled in a small spot by her garage and shut off the car. I got out of the car and swiftly walked up to the door and went inside. The house was decorated in festive Christmas decorations. I smiled at the beautiful sight. There were loads of people talking and sipping from some mugs. I just stood there and looked around. 

"There you are!" Jade said as she came up to me. "I'm glad you can make it." She said and then gave me a hug. 

"Come sit down." She told me and then dragged me into her living room. I walked over to an empty couch and sat down.

"This is beautiful. Just as the same as every year." I told her as she sat down next to me.

"Yep. My parents always put so much devotion into their Christmas parties. I honestly don't see what the big deal is about it." She said with a tiring sigh.

I looked around at all of the people. Some were familiar to me. They came to the previous Christmas parties Jade's parents hosted. I always do my best to come to every one of them. Just as I was looking around, a few more people came inside. One of them was a woman with black hair. Probably in her early 40's. Beside her stood a teenage boy with curly brown hair. He was wearing a white dress shirt with dress shoes.

"Who's he?" I asked as I nudged Jade, not moving my eyes off of the cute boy.

"Oh." She said as she saw who I was referring to. "That's one of my parents friend, Anne's son. I don't remember his name." 

I watched him as him and his mum walked over and started talking to Jade's parents.

"I'm going to get something drink." I said as I got up from the couch and brushed off my dress. "Do you want anything?"

"Get me some punch?" She said as she pulled out her phone and started texting someone on it.

"Kay. I'll be right back." I replied and then walked off, leaving her alone on the couch. I wandered around a little until I found the table where all of the deserts and drinks were covered on. I spotted the big bowl of red punch sitting on the middle of the table. I grabbed two cups and took the ladle that was hanging off the side of the bowl and pour some of the punch in the two cups. 

I turned around, the cups full of punch in my hands and I walked right into the curly haired boy. The punch spilled all over me. 

"I am so sorry." I heard the boy say to me. "Here let me help you." He said and then grabbed napkins off of the table and handed them to me. I took them and started to clean myself up. Lucky I am wearing a red dress. I thought to myself. Then I looked up after drying myself and our eyes met each others. 

My heart started to race. He had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. 

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