The Cheater -Harry Styles Love Story-

"Can we talk about this?" He asked me.
"No." I replied bluntly.
"Please." He begged. "Give me another chance."
I could feel the tears begin to build up. I bit my lip to try to stop me from bursting out crying. One tear slipped and slowly rolled down my cheek.
"No." I responded and then grabbed my bag and walked out the door, tears streaming down my face when I was out of his sight.


5. Five.-

We went outside and got in his car. I left my car in the parking lot so that Karen didn't notice that I left. 

Pasta Lagoon was only down the street so we didn't have to drive too far. He pulled up to the restaurant and parked in the crowded parking lot. I didn't think it was going to be this crowded for the first day of the opening of the restaurant. The food must be really good then.

He got out and than ran over to the passenger side that I was sitting in and opened the door for me. 

"Thank you." I said as he grabbed my hand and helped me out. 

We walked inside the restaurant and waited in line to be seated at a table. I looked around the restaurant. There was a big beautiful chandelier hanging on the ceiling in the center of the room, maroon curtains were hung on the windows, and there were pretty table clothes on all of the tables. 

We waited for a couple more minutes before we got to the front desk were we get our table.

"How many?" A guy with an Italian accent asked.

"Two please." Harry replied.

He grabbed two menus and put them in between his arm and his side. 

"Come with me." He said as he walked off to one side of the restaurant. We followed silently behind him. 

He led us to a small square table that was in a corner by a window. He set the menus down in on the table.

"Someone will be with you guys in a minute." He said with a smile and then left.

Harry pulled out a chair for me and I sat down and scooted in.

"Isn't this place wonderful?" He asked as he sat down.

"Yeah it is." I said. 

There was a long silence before our waiter got to our table. 

"Hello. My name is Jim and I will be serving you this evening. What can I get you guys to drink?" He asked us.

Harry looked at me, indicating for me to tell the waiter what I wanted first.

"I'll have a water." I said after I looked over the drinks part over the menu.

He wrote it down on a small notepad he had in his hand and then looked at Harry. 

"I'll have the same." He told him. He wrote that down too and then closed it.

"I will be right back with your drinks." He told us and then walked off.

"So.." Harry started to say. "Tell me about yourself."

"Well, I am 19 years old. I love writing and listening to music. I'm out-going and bubbly. But I can get a little shy around people I don't feel comfortable with. And that's pretty much it. There's nothing really to say about me." I said with a half crooked smile. He nodded his head a bit.

"What about you?" I asked.

"I am 18 years old. I love to sing and listen to music. I am very out-going as well. I live in Homes Chapel in Cheshire with my mum and my sister Gemma. That's really all you'll have to know about me." He said and then laughed a little.

His laugh is so adorable. It was to die for.

The waiter then came with our drinks. He set them carefully on the table in front of us.

"What can I get you guys to eat?" He asked.

We looked at our menus for a couple of minutes before answering him. Then we told him our order and he wrote it down and then left once again.

Harry and I sat quietly until our meals got here, sipping on our water. 

The night went along in lots of laughter as Harry would tell me some jokes and some funny times that happened to him as he was a child and as he was growing up. 

Soon, we were finally done eating. We waited for the waiter to give us the bill.

"Here." I said as I took out a couple bills from my purse and tried to hand them to Harry.

"No." He said. "I am paying for this." He said with a smile.

"But-" I started to say but then he interrupted me.

"It would be quite rude if the guy didn't pay for the dinner on the first date." He said as he took some bills out of his wallet and put them on the table.

My stomach started to get butterflies when he said the word 'date'. I shook it off. I didn't want to make anything awkward.

I put my money back into my purse and then took out my phone to check it. I had 5 missed calls. I went to check the missed calls and all of them were from Jade.

Oh Shit! I thought to myself. We were suppose to go to the mall together after I was out of work. She is going to be so mad at me.

I sighed and then put my hand to my head.

"Is everything all right?" Harry asked me, concerned.

"Yeah." I lied. "Everything's fine." I said with a smile and then took my hand off of my head.

"Oh. Okay. Are you ready to go?" He asked.

I nodded my head and he stood up and walked over to me and pulled my chair out a little so I could get up. He was quite the gentlemen. 

We walked out of the restaurant and got in his car. 

"Do you want me to bring you back to Jack Wills to get your car?" He asked me as we were driving.

"Yes, please." I said.

We drove back down the street to were Jack Wills was. Harry walked with me over to my car. I got in and tried to start it but it didn't want to start. 

"Oh great." I said. This night was starting to fall apart too quickly.

"Do you want me to give you a ride home?" Harry asked me.

I thought for a minute before replying. I didn't want to give him the trouble of bringing me home. 

"Nah. I'll walk." I said as I got out of my car, slamming the door behind me and walking off.

"No. I insist." He said as he stopped me from walking. 

"Okay." I said with a smile. "Thank you."

With that said, we both walked back over to his car and got in. 

"My house is right down the road from here." I said as we started driving off again.

-Skipping Car Drive- 

He pulled up in my drive way and parked the car. He then walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for me once again. 

We both walked up my walkway in silence. 

"I had an amazing time tonight." I said to him.

"Me too. I had lots of fun spending some time with you." He said.

"Thank you." I said as I started to blush.

"Maybe we can do this again sometime?" He asked.

"Maybe." I replied.

There was another awkward silence as we both just stood there.

Then all of a sudden Harry leaned in lightly kissed my lips. I smiled as he pulled away and bit my lip a little.

"Sorry." He said awkwardly. "I'll see you later." He stuttered. "Good night." He said right before he walked away and got in his car.

He waved to me right before he left my driveway. I waved back and then entered my house.

For the first time in a long time, I finally felt happy again.

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