The Cheater -Harry Styles Love Story-

"Can we talk about this?" He asked me.
"No." I replied bluntly.
"Please." He begged. "Give me another chance."
I could feel the tears begin to build up. I bit my lip to try to stop me from bursting out crying. One tear slipped and slowly rolled down my cheek.
"No." I responded and then grabbed my bag and walked out the door, tears streaming down my face when I was out of his sight.


8. Eight.-

*Brandy's P.O.V.*

I walked outside and went over to my car. I tried to start it again and it didn't start. I tried one more time and it finally started up again. I then pulled out of the parking lot to Jack Wills and drove off down the rode to the way my house was.

-Skip Car Drive-

I killed the engine once I safely got into my driveway.

I slammed my car door once I got out.

"Piece of shit car." I muttered as I walked up to my door, keys in my hands.

I unlocked the door and then went inside.
I set my things down on the floor then walked to the living room and plopped myself down on the couch.

I looked up at the clock on the wall. It was now 12:10 in the afternoon.

I took out my cell phone and pulled up Jade's phone number. There was still time to go to the mall and be back in time the party. I thought to myself.

To: Jade
Do you want to go to the mall now?

I waited a minute or two for her to respond.

From: Jade
Uhm.. Duh! Of course I do!

I laughed at the text.

To: Jade
Then come get me! :P

My phone went off again in a matter of seconds.

From: Jade
What's wrong with your car?

To: Jade
It's acting up again.

From: Jade
Again?! When are you going to get a new one?

I rolled my eyes. She knows that I don't have enough money to buy a new one anytime soon. She asks the same question every time it breaks down or acts up.

To: Jade
Just come get me!

I locked my phone and then got off the couch and walked upstairs to my room to change out of my jogging outfit and into a better one for shopping. I pulled out [this] from my closet and changed into it. After I was finished changing, I walked over to the long mirror I had hanging up behind my door and took a good look of myself. I could point out a bunch of my flaws. How my thighs were too fat or how my stomach would bulge out. I just wish that I would be as perfect as Jade was. She's absolutely flawless.

I took one last look in the mirror before I turned and exited my room. 

I went back downstairs and waited a couple of minutes before Jade came.

I heard the sound of a car horn outside. I peeked out the window and Jade's car was in the driveway and she was sitting there.

I walked up to her car, opened the door, and got inside.

When I got inside, she just sat there and looked at me. I waited a minute to see if she was going to eventually drive off before saying anything.

"What?" I said.

She motioned her head to my seat belt.

"What about it?" I asked as I picked it up in my hand.

"Put it on." She said, her voice dragged on as she talked.

I looked back at her with a poker face.

"Jade. I am 18 years old. I do not have to wear a seat belt." I said.

"Kyle was 18 too and look what happened to him." She said. I could here the sadness in her voice when she said it.

Kyle was Jade's oldest brother. He got in a car accident a couple years ago and got very severe injuries. He was brought to the hospital where he was announced dead. Jade hasn't been herself ever since. I have noticed a lot of change in her. I feel like she's not the same Jade. 

"Fine." I said and then pulled the seat belt across my torso and locked it in. "Happy now?" I asked, turning my attention back to her.

"Better." She said and then pulled out of my driveway and drove down along the street.

-Skip Car Drive-

Jade pulled into the next empty spot that we could find in the mall parking lot and killed the engine once we came to a full stop.

We both got out and shut the doors behind us. The mall parking lots was completely full. Which wasn't a big surprise. This was the biggest mall in all of London and everyone shopped here.

"Can we go eat first?" I asked while rubbing my stomach. "I'm starving."

"But I wanted to get to Claire's before they sell out on the sale that they are having this month." Jade whined.

"Well, fine then. I'll go to the food court and get something to eat and you can go to Claire's and we can meet up afterwards." I suggested.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Jade said while pushing her purse up higher on her shoulder.

"Kay. I'll see you in a few." I said before we both walked in separate directions.

I walked to the foot court and looked around for a good place to sit down and eat. There was a McDonald's , Starbucks, IHOP, Chinese food place, etc. I walked over to McDonald's and stood in line to order my food. I know McDonald's isn't healthy but I'd thought I would just get a salad or something to hold me over.

The line moved up and it was finally my time to order.

When I got up to see the employee, my eyes almost bulged out of my head.

*Jade's P.O.V*

I walked in the direction that Claire's was, looking at every display case that I walked by on the way.

I don't know why but walking in mall seemed to fascinate me. Just looking at all the rushed people who are dragging their teary eyed kids at the side trying to get them out of the toy stores.

I walked for a little bit more until finally reaching Claire's. I looked around and most of the sale items were gone. There was young teens and women about in their mid thirties looking around the store.

I walked to the back and someone caught my eye. It was Harry!

I hid behind a shelf and peered out at him. He was with a girl. She had long straight blonde hair and looked like she was our age.

My curiosity got the best of me as I moved a little bit closer to them to hear what they were saying. Instead of hearing what they were talking about, I saw them holding hands.

The girl got closer to Harry's face and planted a kiss on his lips. He leaned back in for a more passionate kiss.

I could not believe what I was seeing. I thought Harry was single and that he liked Brandy. I had to tell Brandy about this. As soon as possible.

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