A New Beginning (sequel to Falling For Him)

Brooke and Louis have been happily married for 2 years, Louis spending the first year on tour. The boys have taken them many places before. Now, they're expecting something that will change their life. In a good way. A baby.

CREDIT: credit for some ideas go to Stefferrs(:


12. Valentine's Day

One Month Later Harry's P.O.V.

''Stephanie, wake up.'' I shake her. ''What do you want?'' she asks, clearly annoyed. ''Here. Happy Valentines Day.'' I hand her some roses. She smiles ''Thanks.'' ''Your welcome. I've got a bigger surprise waiting.'' I take her hand and walk her to the kitchen. She gasps, ''Harry.'' I set up a big breakfast for just the two of us. ''Sit.'' She sits and I sit across from her. She takes a bite, ''Mmm.'' We eat for a while. ''Okay, close your eyes.'' She obeys. i walk next to her, and go down on one knee, pulling out a ring from my pocket. ''Open.'' She gasps. ''Stephanie_____. I love you so much. Will you marry me?'' Her eyes fill with tears. ''Y-yes Harry. I will.''

Brooke's P.O.V.

''Babe, come sit with me.'' Louis calls from the couch. I head over and sit, snuggling close to him. ''Happy Valentines Day.'' He says, kissing me. ''I love you.'' I smile and get up, walking to the kitchen. I grab an envelope and walk back, ''Here.'' he opens it and smiles at the humorous card. ''Thanks.'' he says pulling out another card. I open it and read it. ''I love it.'' I tell him, before the doorbell rings. ''Just a minute.'' I run and open it. ''Hey.'' I see, welcoming Harry and Stephanie. Harry kisses my cheek and walks to see Louis. ''Brooke.'' Stephanie says my name. I nod. ''H-Harry and I, we're getting....m-married.'' ''What?'' ''He proposed this morning.'' I smile and hug her tightly. ''I'm so happy for you.'' I hear Louis laugh, ''Good job mate!'' Stephanie and I laugh, ''When?'' She laughs, ''No idea!'' I walk her into the living room and she sits next to Harry, laying her head on his shoulder. ''Wanna see Cassandra?'' ''Of course!'' Harry exclaims. I grab her and bring her to them. ''Hello Cassandra.'' Harry says to her. She smiles and Stephanie giggles, ''She's so cute.'' Harry looks at her and says, ''We have to have our own someday.'' I smile at Stephanie and she winks. ''Definitely.''

Harry's P.O.V.

Holding Cassandra made me realize how much I want a kid now. Seeing how fast Stephanie said yes, made me know she does too. I let Stephanie hold Cassandra while I talked to Louis. ''She really wants one.'' ''You bet.'' He tells me. I smile and turn to Stephanie, ''I love you.'' ''I love you too.'' I see Brooke and Louis sharing a kiss, ''I love you.''' He says, Brooke answering, ''I love you too.''

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