A New Beginning (sequel to Falling For Him)

Brooke and Louis have been happily married for 2 years, Louis spending the first year on tour. The boys have taken them many places before. Now, they're expecting something that will change their life. In a good way. A baby.

CREDIT: credit for some ideas go to Stefferrs(:


18. R.I.P.

Louis' P.O.V.

I sit on the couch watching t.v. with Brooke. ''What are we watching?'' she asks, as I flip through the channels. I shrug and continue to look, ''Whatever's on.'' She turns to face the phone, which is ringing. ''I'll get it.'' she says, getting up. She picks it up and walks into the kitchen. I pick a random channel, and not pay much attention, as I wait for Brooke to return. ''Okay, bye.'' I hear her say in a shaky voice. She walks in pale, with tears streaming down her face. ''Babe, what's wrong?'' I ask, running to her. She looks down at the floor and whispers, ''It's my dad.'' I lift her head up, ''What's wrong?'' ''He passed away last night in his sleep.'' I pull her close and she grips my shirt, pushing her face into my chest. I feel her crying. I rub my hand on her back, as she shakes. ''He didn't even get to meet Cassandra.'' she sobs. ''I just can't believe he's gone.'' I continue to hold her close, as she cries into my chest. I hear the front door open and Stephanie and Harry walk in. ''W-what's wrong?'' Stephanie asks, seeing Brooke. ''Her dad died last night.'' I say quietly. Stephanie's jaw dropped, ''Oh my god, I'm so sorry!'' she cried, running towards us. I let go of Brooke and Stephanie walked her to the couch. ''I'm sorry we came without warning.'' Harry said, walking towards me. I shook my head, ''This is the best time for you to come. She needs as much love as she can get.'' We walk to the couch and sit down with the girls. ''I can't believe it. He's gone forever.'' Brooke cried quietly as I wrapped my arms back around her. Stephanie has tears on her face, and Harry embraces her in a hug, bringing her close to him. ''I'll miss him so much.' Brooke whispered. I nod and kiss her forehead, ''It'll be alright baby.'' She keeps her head down as she quietly cries. ''He's in a better place.'' Harry speaks up. She turns to him, ''I know, but it won't be the same without him. Nothing will.'' He leans close and kisses her forehead. ''We're here for you.''


I open my eyes and feel Brooke asleep in my lap, her eyes still stained with tears. Harry and Stephanie peacefully asleep on the floor. I notice Harry has tears on his cheeks too. I look to the window and see only darkness. I turn to the clock. I squint to see the time. 1:23. 'We slept a while.' I thought. Suddenly I feel Brooke stir in my lap. ''Louis?'' she calls out. I place a finger to my lips, and motion to the peacefully sleeping Harry and Stephanie. Brooke smiles, for the first time since the call. Probably how happy they looked. Harry has his arm around, Stephanie, as she is snuggled close to his body. Her head is in the crook of his neck. I listen, and hear soft snore come from Harry's lips. ''How are you?'' I ask, as Brooke sits up. ''A little better.'' she sniffs, wiping the remains of her tears. ''I'll never get over this.'' she tells me. I nod, ''Of course you won't. He was your dad.'' She kisses my lips and lays back down, snuggling into my chest. I close my eyes and drift off slowly.





NOTE: Wow, that was a little sad. I teared up writing it. Sorry.

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