A New Beginning (sequel to Falling For Him)

Brooke and Louis have been happily married for 2 years, Louis spending the first year on tour. The boys have taken them many places before. Now, they're expecting something that will change their life. In a good way. A baby.

CREDIT: credit for some ideas go to Stefferrs(:


13. Love

Harry's P.O.V.

''Stephanie?'' ''Uh huh.'' ''Listen I-I'm really excited to get married. When should we?'' I ask. She turns to face me, ''When do you think?'' ''Soon.'' I tell her. ''Like within two months.'' She sighs, ''Harry, that's too early. We need to plan. That takes a while.'' My head turns to face the floor. ''I know, it's just....I'm really excited.'' I mumble. She scoots closer, putting an arm around me. ''Me too, but, a big wedding takes time.'' I look up and she's smiling. I smile when I get an idea, ''Maybe, we could have it in Louis' backyard. I'm sure he'll let us. Then, we can have it soon because it won't be big!'' Stephanie smiles again, ''That's actually a good idea! Let me call Brooke!'' She walks away to the phone, leaving me siting there smiling.


Louis' P.O.V.

''Let me check with Louis.'' I hear Brooke say on the phone, as she walks toward me. ''Louis, Harry and Stephanie want to have their wedding in our yard. They're really excited. Can they?'' She asks. I nod, ''Sure! That'll be fun!'' she smiles and walks off, telling the good news to Stephanie.


Harry's P.O.V.

''They said yes!'' Stephanie exclaims jumping up in the air. I rush over and kiss her, ''That's amazing! When?'' ''One month.'' I smile and kiss her again, ''I'm so excited!'' I tell her, as I pick her up and carry to the couch. ''I love you so much!'' ''I love you too Harry.''


1 week later Brooke's P.O.V.

''Come out!'' I called to Stephanie, who was getting dressed. She invited Danielle, Maddie, and I dress shopping, since the wedding would be held soon. She walked out and we all gasped. ''You look amazing!'' Danielle exclaims, smiling. She did. In a long, flowing dress. ''This is the one.'' she said. I jumped up and hugged her, ''You look amazing.''


"How about these.'' Danielle said, before we walked out in our bridesmaid dresses. Stephanie smiled, when she saw the knee-length gold dresses we had on. ''Perfect.'' she said, ''These will be perfect.''

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