A New Beginning (sequel to Falling For Him)

Brooke and Louis have been happily married for 2 years, Louis spending the first year on tour. The boys have taken them many places before. Now, they're expecting something that will change their life. In a good way. A baby.

CREDIT: credit for some ideas go to Stefferrs(:


9. Gone

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up with a massive headache. I sat up feeling dizzy. I knew I had been drinking. ''Stephanie!''I called out. ''Babe!'' No answer. I wandered around the house. I checked the bedroom, and saw a note. 'Harry, I'm leaving. If I'm really all those horrible things you called me, don't come looking for me. But if I really mean something, do what you think is right. Signed, Stephanie.' I couldn't believe she left me. Tears welled up in my eyes as I crushed the note in my hand. What did I do last night?

Brooke's P.O.V.

''Louis?'' I say as I rise out of bed. ''Louis?'' I turn and see, he's not there. "LOUIS!" I yell. No answer. I run downstairs. ''Stephanie!'' I shout. She falls off the couch. ''What?'' she mumbles. "Louis' gone.'' I say breathing heavily. She raises her eyebrow. ''Really? Are you sure?'' ''Yes!'' I half scream. ''Well, call him.'' she suggests. I grab my phone and dial Louis' number. ''Hello!'' I shout when someone picks up. ''Brooke. Help'' Louis whispers. ''It's Zayn.'' Then, the line goes dead. ''LOUIS!!" I scream before dropping to my knees.

Louis' P.O.V.

''What do think you're doing?'' Zayn yells, smashing the phone. ''N-Nothing.'' I say. It's dark where I am, and can't see anything. ''You think you're gonna get out of here? You're wrong!'' Zayn yells, before kicking my stomach. I double over, whimpering in pain. I feel something wrap tightly around my legs, then my wrists. Zayn tying me up. ''So you don't try something dumb like that again.'' He tells me. ''I'm going out. I'll be back.''


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