A New Beginning (sequel to Falling For Him)

Brooke and Louis have been happily married for 2 years, Louis spending the first year on tour. The boys have taken them many places before. Now, they're expecting something that will change their life. In a good way. A baby.

CREDIT: credit for some ideas go to Stefferrs(:


2. Anniversary

Brooke's P.O.V.

I listened as Louis and the boys sang for me. "Beautiful.'' I applauded when they finished. Louis came and gave me a hug. ''Thank you.'' he said. I stood up and handed him a box. ''Here.'' I said as he took it. He opened it and pulled out a photo. His eyes widened when he saw. ''Is that.....the baby?'' he asked. I nodded. I gave him the ultra-sound picture of our unborn baby. Liam walked up behind, followed by Niall and Harry. ''Do they know the gender?'' Harry asked. Louis shook his head, ''Not yet.'' Liam smiled, ''Well, he or she is beautiful.'' Louis hugged me again, ''Thank you, it's amazing. The best present I could ever get.''


We sat in the restaurant Louis made reservations in for our anniversary. It's the one he proposed to me in. I took a bite of my food, ''Is it good?'' Louis asked. I nodded and swallowed. ''Very.'' I sipped my drink. ''I have another ultrasound soon.'' I tell Louis. He smiles, ''When?'' ''Two weeks. Maybe they can tell us the gender then.'' He nods, ''Hopefully. What are you wanting?'' I think, ''Boy. One like you.'' He sips his drink and says, ''Girl. One like you.'' I giggle. ''Really? Why?''' He looks stunned, ''Because you're amazing. In every way.'' I lean across the table and place a kiss on his lips.


"Ready?'' I call to Louis, who is making popcorn in the kitchen. ''Yep.'' he says walking in and plopping next to me. We all sat together in the living room, Stephanie, Maddie and Danielle snuggled close to their boys. We began a romantic movie marathon. I have a blanket placed over my slightly large stomach. I hear Stephanie and Harry begin to whisper to each other. They are the cutest. ''Brooke?'' I hear Louis whisper. ''Yeah?'' ''I'm bored. Wanna sneak upstairs?'' I nod and we creep upstairs. I lay down on the bed, waiting for Louis to finish changing. ''Done.'' he calls from the bathroom. Then, he lays next to me. I place my head on his chest and feel his steady breathing underneath me. ''I love you.'' he says. ''I love you too.''

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