Lenox is her schools top trickster, but what happens when the principle makes her show a newbie around school? (My first one shot so please be nice)


1. Newbie

   No one expects the school's trouble maker to be of any service, but either way I got stuck showing the new kid around the school. Principal Mosbey came up to me at the beginning of school and introduced me to Leslie Wilde, a sun-kissed blonde with blue-green eyes. He told me to show her where all her classes were and to help her feel welcome.

   "I can't Ted. I've got my own classes to go to. If I show her to all her classes I'm gunna end up late and getting all the dirt from my teachers." I told him.

   "Please don't call me Ted. I'm principal Mosbey, to you and everyone else on this campus, and I believe that this will help your attitude. Now I expect you to be nice and introduce her to other students so she can make friends." he said. With that said he wished Leslie a good first day and left. I was left with my mouth open ready to argue. I had no choice but to go and introduce myself to Leslie. I put my hand out and shook her hand.

   "Hey, I'm Lenox. Ted- I mean principal Mosbey asked me to show you around." I told her.

   "Yeah I know. I was standing right there when he told you to. Could you tell me where my classes are?" she asked sweetly. Wow. A sweet and innocent newbie. Oh Ted, what grave mistake you've made. I could feel the smirk on my face.

   "Sure, what do you have for your first hour?" I ask. She ruffled through her book-bag and took out her schedule.

   "Um, I have photography with Ms. Henry in room BB-107." She told me. This is my chance to mess with her.

   "Ok, you see where that two level building is at? Well, Ms. Henry's class is in that building. If you get lost you can just text me. Here's my number." I took out a piece of paper and gave her my number. She took the paper and gave me a puzzled look.

   "Are we allowed to use our phones in class?"

   "Yeah of course you can. Don't worry about it. I gotta get to class, the bell's about to ring. Well good luck. Welcome to McJester High." I gave her a friendly smile, a wave and walked to my drama class.

 * * * * *

   Four classes have gone by and I haven't heard from Leslie. Well, I guess I don't have to worry about her anymore. I'm walking towards the cafeteria when I hear my name being called out.

   "Lenox, Lenox wait up!" I turn to see Leslie running towards me. So much for no more Leslie.

   "Hey, I was going to text you but my teacher told me we weren't allowed to use our phones during class." she told me. Mental note, never tell a newbie we're allowed to use our phones, teachers don't really help with that one.

   "Oh, I'm sorry. They recently changed that rule. I guess I'm still living in the old days." I tell her.

   "It's ok. So are you going to lunch? she asked. Her eyes were so cute and innocent. Anyone that looks into those eyes could never lie to her. Luckily, I'm not just anyone.

   "No sorry. I was just going to text my friends that I couldn't meet them at McDonalds. I'm going to my fifth hour class to get a head start."

   "you can get out of campus during lunch?" she asks with excitement filling her blue-green eyes.

   "Yeah, a lot of people go. Some stay because they're scared they might come back late, but we are allowed." I explained.

   "Oh that's great. I hate school lunch. So where's the McDonalds?" I gave her directions to the fast food restaurant and watched her head towards the entrance gates. I hide behind the nearest wall to see if they catch her. Sure enough, I see Mrs. Redbead, the office lady, come out and sees Leslie walk right past her out the entrance gates. Mrs. Redbead drags Leslie into Ted's office. I walk to class silently laughing to myself. I'm a genius. I walk into my Med Skills class and sit at my desk. I was getting out my notebook when Mr. King tells me at the principal's office. Sigh. I was so sure I wouldn't get caught this time. Not! I put my notebook back into my bag and head to Ted's officefor yet another scolding.


   I found out she had Med Skills with me this hour so I had to take her. I also had to take one hour of detention for the next week.

   "Sorry for messing with you today Leslie, It's just sort of my thing." I say. She looked at me. She hasn't spoken a single word to me since we left the office and that was almost an entire thirty-five minutes ago. She looked at me with her big eyes and leaned a bit closer to me.

   "It's ok. So you're a trickster. I've always wanted to be that. Hey, maybe I could be your sidekick. Yeah, that would be so cool. You don't mind do you?" And that's when I saw it. That twinkle in her eye. She had potential. I felt a grin forming on my lips. Oh Ted, you don't know it, but you have found me my partner in crime. What a grave mistake you've made Ted.

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