Remember me Louis?

Lily Gold was in love with louis tomlinson in 7th grade when he decided to stop being friends with her. After he have became famous, she was thinking she would never see him again. But at her acting collage he came with the band and when he saw her, he freaked....But is she falling for Harry?


13. You guys Broke up

We were back at my house when Louis had to take a phone call. He went to the other room and started talking pretty loudly even though the door wwas closed it was loud. I WILL COME BACK SOON EL JUST WHY ARE YOU MAD? i heard Louis yell intot he phone. He must of been talking to Elenor.


I AM VISITING A FAMILY FRIEND NOTHINGS GOING ON AND MY MOMS HERE. He was mad AND if i got involved it would be worse. I decided to go downstairs and say sorry to my mom. If Louis came out of the room he would probley be mad so i think he could use some space for an hour or so.


Mom can i take Katie on a walk to the beach? i asked. Katie was my 3 year old little sister who was SO cute. Sure sweetie are you gonna take Lou  and be back by around 8 or so. Oh Louis is talking on the phone and will do i said grabbing Katie and bringing her outside.


It always takes 25 minutes to walk to the beach so by the time we got there it was 7. Hey Sissy can we gwo touch the wa-er said Katie. I was so happy to spend time with my family. At the beach with Katie, all the presure was lifted of my shoulders.

Louis P.O.V.

I got off the phone with Elenor. I was heart broken. She just broke up with me because she heard i was dating someone else but i never would do that. I got so mad i punched a hole in the wall.


CRAP i yelled as Lils mom Delilah came upstairs to see the whole in the wall. LOU WHY WOULD YOU? she yelled inspecting the hole. Well uh me and  El just broke up i got mad punched the wall and now am wondering where is Lily.


She went and took a walk with Katie to the beach i told them be back here by about 8 and its already 7 30 so there probly just leaving she said smiling at me while holding a Madaline in her hands.


Oh ok i will just be up here i said closing the door. I got out a note book and started writing song lyrics. I wrote down "I want i want i want but thats crazy i want i want i want but thats not me i want  i want to be loved by you"

It let some of my anger out.


I heard a door open and looked over seeing Lily in my room sitting next to me.  Whats going on with you she asked sounding curious. El and I no longer i said as tears starting rolling down my face. With every break up comes a new song i said smiling at him.


Remember Lou you used to say that to me everytime we hung out and none of that have changed, I laughed a little and got up reaching down to help her up.


When we got up she gave me a hug and we looked into eachothers eyes. We started leaning dowwn but at the corner of my eye i saw Satie smiling. "DINNERS READY YOU LOVE BIRDIES" she said.


Lily went over closed the door and locked it. She came over to the bed and closed her eyes, I just want to go to sleep she said as she dosed off. I layed down next to her and we both fell asleep.

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