Remember me Louis?

Lily Gold was in love with louis tomlinson in 7th grade when he decided to stop being friends with her. After he have became famous, she was thinking she would never see him again. But at her acting collage he came with the band and when he saw her, he freaked....But is she falling for Harry?


14. Waking up is a Pain

I woke up feeling really Crappy. I didnt know why. I looked over and saw Louis sleeping right next to me. I got up and unlocked the door. I went downstairs and my mom saw me with a surprised.


What were you guys doing last night she siad smiling while chopping fruit for breakfeast. Mom we didnt do anything we just went to sleep and thats all i said groaning at her.


 Just making sure she said going to the table setting everything down. i wiped my eyes because i was still tired. Go get Lou up its time for break feast she said motioning me upstairs. I went in my room and got Lou up.


What wht are we waking up so early he asked half asleep. Lou my family gets up early remember that time you spent the night in like 3rd grade?


Oh yeah i do you  guys made me get up way to early!! WAY WAY TO EARLY! He said getting up and getting dressed RIGHT infront of me.


As soon as he was ready we all went downstairs and ate it was delishious and knowing Lou ate alot, he almost ate my whole plate! Next we decided to go to the beach.


Sorry its so short im running out of ideas can you give me some!

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