Remember me Louis?

Lily Gold was in love with louis tomlinson in 7th grade when he decided to stop being friends with her. After he have became famous, she was thinking she would never see him again. But at her acting collage he came with the band and when he saw her, he freaked....But is she falling for Harry?


8. Lou Is Here To Save Me

I woke up laying in a warm comfy bed with a really bright light shining in my eyes. Someone was holding on to my hand, I had one of those things on my mouth that helps you breathe. I looked over to see who was next to me. It was Louis. I was happy and excited it was him.


By now they were leaving tomorrow and i had to stop it! I HAD TO! i smiled at him and he turned to a man in a docters coat and said "Shes up"  in his amazing british accent i never got tired of. I was british to and this colloge was in London if you were wondering. The docter took the thing off my mouth and i took a deep breathe and had a look of relief on my face.  I noticed i was in Lou's bed.


Lou what happened i said getting up in pain were Kaylee kicked me. It was on my side and i had a huge bruise. I could feel it but i didnt tell them about it. Well lils i think you were having a asma attack. Just like the one is 6th grade but both times i was here to help he said smiling at me. I laughed while he told me the rest.


I went outside my door because i heard Kaylee yell out LOSER and when i opened my door she was running away and you were laying on the ground passed out not breathing so i called the docter brought you in here and this is where we are now. I was so happy he remembered 6th grade. "Well in 6th grade you were the one who caused it i said laughing. Well then i saved you.


I started crying on our way to the emergency room because i was afraid you were going to be really hurt he said with almost tears running down his face. Lou i was  fine i said standing up. I fell over but got caught by Louis. Are you stable yet he said still holding on to me. Im fine i said smiling standing up on my own.


The docter left about 10 minutes later, and i just sat down on the bed almost falling asleep. I definitly still like Lou! But i cant like both of them. You tired mate? he mentioned to me as he came out of the kitchen. I already told Harry you couldnt make it but i can call him back if you would still like to go he said kinda sounding like he didnt want me to leave.


Yes mate i am tired and Am i aloud to stay here i asked very quitely. Of course you can i would love that he said to me as he put me in the bed and moved my hair out of my face with his hands.. Go to sleep mate i know your tired Lou said looking at me with his beautiful eyes. I closed my eyes and fell asleep feeling better then ever.

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