Remember me Louis?

Lily Gold was in love with louis tomlinson in 7th grade when he decided to stop being friends with her. After he have became famous, she was thinking she would never see him again. But at her acting collage he came with the band and when he saw her, he freaked....But is she falling for Harry?


7. Its not real!

Next we just sat in the kitchen talking but to my surprise it was fun.  I thought Harry would be so much different, I liked him now and what would Lou think! I had to tell him. He was and still is my Best friend.


They were leaving to go back to The United States for concerts in 2 days. I knew what i had to do. I have to invite Lou to my house once again so i can bring back the old Lou. The one that i know and love. As soon as i was about to leave Harry got infront of me, leaned down and kissed me.


I smiled and gently pushed him over. Come on Hazza! Oh Lil he said leaning down again. We were inturupted by the song Live while were Young. Everything was turning white untill i saw the sight of my bedroom and of me laying in my bed. I looked at my alarm clock that said 8 o clock. I turned it off quickly when i saw Kaylee still sleeping with marker on her face.


WAS IT REALLY JUST A DREAM? i got so angry i let out a scream waking Kaylee up. She looked at me got up and went straight to the bathroom. Now was my chance to escape. I was so mad everything was just a dream. I had so much fun and it wasnt even real. This dream have turned into a NIGHTMARE. As soon as i opened my dorm door, Kaylee let out a scream.


LILY I AM GONNA KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE......i closed the dorm door and again stood there laughing. Untill i heard the bathroom door open. I started rushing down the Hall way. When Kaylee opened our door she started speeding down the hallway. I tried running as fast as i could but i really DID have asma and was afraid i might have an attack again.


The last time i had a asma attack, Lou was chasing me and i couldnt breathe so i fell and passed out, But Louis was there.And that was in 6th grade. I now started liking Louis again after thinking about all we did together. But i couldnt like Louis i mean i like Harry....I think. I was so confused, I had to stop running and rest.


I put my hands on my knees and took deep breaths. By now i was out on campus and Kaylee was still rushing toward me. But i couldnt run.


She pushed me down and kicked me. LOSER. She shouted at me while she was laughing because i just got hurt. I was definitly having an asma attack i couldnt get up and my heart was pounding harder then ever.


Since there were no classes, No one was outside at 8. I lifted my head trying to catch my breathe but it was to late. I fainted and just layed there on the cement.


Authors Note- Sorry its a little short and sorry i have not written in a while i just have so much homework and i cant keep up, My mom said i wasnt alloud on the computer till i got atleast a B+ In french because i usaully do good in that class :)

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