Remember me Louis?

Lily Gold was in love with louis tomlinson in 7th grade when he decided to stop being friends with her. After he have became famous, she was thinking she would never see him again. But at her acting collage he came with the band and when he saw her, he freaked....But is she falling for Harry?


12. I Hate you Satie

Louis P.O.V.

Satie was being really rude talking about lily like that, She kept getting closer and closer. She started leaning in trapping me on the bed, Usaully the boy can pull a girl off of him but i couldnt get her off.


I tried turing my face but again i was trapped. Thats when Lily came in saving me. She knew Satie was trying to force me to kiss her. She grabbed Satie off of me and hit her really hard.


WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU JERK satie yelled then punched Lily in the face. I am older then you i am 20 and your 17 so stop trying to act like your older you havent even graduated and i bet you wont Lily said looking right in Saties eyes. I will pass oh trust me mom loves me more then you ever since you....Lily stopped Satie there. HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?


she yelled. Come on Lils everyone in this house knows what you did after Lou left Satie looking right at me. What is she talking about Lils i butted in, She cut herself and my mom caught her and doesnt like her as much as she did. Satie said. Lily slapped her in the face looked at me and ran away. She ran downstairs and out the front door. She was crying on the way out.


 WHAT WAS THAT FOR I yelled at Satie again acting like he was my sister. You needed to know the truth lou when you left she hated herself because everyone started bullying her. People didnt bully her before you left because they knew you would stop it.  She was happy to get a new start at college but she ran her mouth, I got so mad at Satie i almost hit her but i couldnt.


I cant believe she tried to cut herself because of me! It was all my fault. I HAD TO FIND HER. I went to the only place i thought she would be. Lil and Lou's place. When i went there i saw her sitting there with her hands on her face.


I ran up to her, and gave her a hug. I didnt know that i did that to you im so sorry its all my fault i said starting to cry. She looked at me with her red eyes. I hate satie! I wish she would DIE! she yelled.


At least were at our place i said smiling at her. Lil and Lou's place. The only place that i could be myself at i told her. She laughed a little as i wiped the tears off her face. We looked over at eachother and started leaning in. It turned into a kiss. She pulled away and said "Im so sorry you you have a girlfriend".


I sighed. I know Lil i know i said as she rested her head on my shoulder. But i really like you i whispered really quiet so she couldnt here me.

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