Remember me Louis?

Lily Gold was in love with louis tomlinson in 7th grade when he decided to stop being friends with her. After he have became famous, she was thinking she would never see him again. But at her acting collage he came with the band and when he saw her, he freaked....But is she falling for Harry?


6. Grab somebody sexy tell em Hey (A day with Harry Part 2)

Harry i wouldnt feel right taking a shower here. Well dont worry Lock the door and i will be in my room the whole time. I cant sneak in there trust me ive tried Harry said Looking at me then the bathroom then me again. You have tried?


Who else took showers here i said as he turned his head and scratched his neck oh i mean like i want to try but i wont with you he said acting really nervous. What ever i said as i walked in his huge bathroom and locked the door. I turned the shower on and turned on awesome songs that i loved on my iphone.


I soon got in the shower being afraid that harry would get in the just........i shivered thinking of what he would do. So i finished fast. When i turned the shower off i heard the song "Give it everything tonight" i must of started singing as load as i could because when i got out i could hear Harry laughing, I kept my music on while i looked for my towels i left in the bathroom.


They were gone. I peeped my head and only my head out of the door and saw harry standing there saying "Are these what your looking for"? I got so mad. He was holding my towels and was still about to explode. HARRY GIVE ME THOSE TOWELS I yelled as loud as i could. He started laughing and i told him


" If you dont give them to me i will scream untill you do" He still stood still holding them. I started screaming and his ears started to hurt he grabbed my towels and put his hand and only his hand throught the door with the towels. I grabbed them with force and slammed the door shut. I was talking to Harry through the door.


How did you get in here i didnt even hear you. Well you were to busy singing "Grab somebody sexy tell em HEY" He sang that part really load. Your lucky i only grabbed your towels he said then laughed. HAHA yeah so funny i mentioned with a straight face. I had my towel on but now where were my clothes! HARRY!


i yelled as loud as i could and again i heard him laughing. I had a towel on so i went out of the bathroom to see harry sitting on the bed with my clothes in his hand. I tried to grab them with one hand because the other was holding my towel.


I soon fell on top of harry while trying to grab my clothes still. I looked him in the eyes. But he totally ruined the moment by saying "'Why cant i take that towel off of you". I hit him just as he started to give me my clothes when he did i went in the bathroom and changed. When i came out Harry was out of sight. I looked around but i was frightened to feel hands on my waist. I asked harry what he was doing.


I garbbed someone sexy and said hey so hey! I laughed and relized that song was on replay and kept playing. Harry started dancing with me and i smiled the whole time. I didnt notice when he started to lean in and i did to. We started passionitly kissing and we were right by the bed, Harry pushed me down and got on top of me. I started regreting what i started. But i wasnt going to stop it. He was still kissing me and he was still wearing only his boxers.


We were inturupted by a knock on the door. I only had my tank top on and my shirt was on the ground. I got my clothes on really fast and so did Harry. He opened the door to Louis. "Oh hey Mate" he said acting normal. So is Lily still here? Oh no she left he said being casual. He was really good at lieing. I was even more impressed because Louis Believed him. I will have her go to your room if i see her he said with a simple smile.


"Thanks mate Louis said as he walked away. Now where were we said Harry taking everything off but his Boxers on. What have i got my self into? I stopped it and Told Harry "We need to calm down how bout we get to know eachother. He was a little up set but fine with it. What we did next was REALLY fun!


-Sorry its so Long-

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