Remember Me? (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Allie knew Zayn since they were little babies. They grew up together, and as they grew up feelings developed. But than Zayn left for the X-factor. What happens to them after?


4. Chapter 3

Allie's POV
I ran out of the room. I needed to escape. I couldn't face him. I tried to get out the front but someone caught my elbow. 

"What?" I said fighting back the tears.

"Allie-I. I'm sorry." Zayn said.

I turned to face him. "Are you sorry Zayn?  We were so close. We would be with each other all the time. How could you forget me? I need to go." I said wiping away a few tears and opening the door.

"Allie, stop. I'm sorry. I know that I forgot you but at the same time I didn't. I would long for someone who was sweet, someone who was caring, beautiful, funny, sarcastic, bitchy, intelligent. It was someone like you. You can't just walk away." He said turning my face towards him.

"I can and I will." I said walking out the front door. He didn't chase after me, he just let me be. I grabbed a piece of paper from my purse and wrote my phone number on it, I left it on Niall's car. I hope he would text me. I grabbed my phone and called Kevin.

"Hello?" He asked 

"Kev, I need you to get me. Please. I'm at the amazing nice building. I'll wait outside." I spoke fastly.

"Alright. Relax babe, I'll be there soon." He responded. I sat on the curb waiting for him. I felt someone walk up beside me. 

"Zayn, go away." I spat. 

"Ah, I'm not Zayn. I'm Niall." He said sitting next to me. 

"Oh, hey. I left my phone number on your car." I said.

"Oh, cool. So, what's up?" He asked.

 "Really? What's up? Well nothing just sitting on a curb because Zayn Malik is a huge bitch. I hate him. What are you doing?" I asked playing along.

"Just looking at the most beautiful girl who Zayn is an ass for forgetting." He smiled. 

He came closer to me. 

"Who could forget these eyes? Or lips? Or hair? Or laugh?" He said before closing the gap between us. 

He kissed me with passion and I kissed back with equal passion. Was it bad to say that I loved it? My stomach was full of butterflies. 

We were interrupted by Kevin beeping his horn. "I gotta go, text me." I said before getting up.

"Bye, have a good night love." He said smiling.

I got in the car and Kev drove off.

"What was that about?" He asked.

"I'll explain in the morning, yeah?" I said closing my eyes.

"I guess." He huffed. 

I giggled. Somehow this was the best yet worst night of my life.




A/N: Sorry this is short! I'll update a lot more now. 

Comment who you want Allie to be with!


Zayn or Niall?!

Based on that is who she will date. 

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