Remember Me? (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Allie knew Zayn since they were little babies. They grew up together, and as they grew up feelings developed. But than Zayn left for the X-factor. What happens to them after?


3. Chapter 2

Allie's POV

I hurried to the bathroom to fix myself up. I hoped he wouldn't notice me at all tonight, but who knows if he even remembers me.  I closed the bathroom door and started to run back to the bar when I bumped into someone. "Oh, I'm so sorry! Let me help clean you up." I said quickly looking up to see Zayn..."Oh no it's fine beautiful. What's your name." He asked. Did he really just ask my name after we grew up together? ouch.. "Uh, Allie. I got to go." I left a confused Zayn there standing by himself.

Zayn's POV

I was walking to the dance fool when a girl bumped into me. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Let me help you clean up!" She said. "Oh no it's fine beautiful. What's your name?" I asked even though she looked strangely familiar. "Uh, Allie. I got to go." She left me standing. I was so confused. But something about this girl is drawing me to her. She's beautiful, sexy, hot. I need her. 

I walked over to the boys. "Ay lads how's the lady hunt going?" I asked. "Good, weaa each gots one. didz you finds one?" Niall slurred. "I found one, just gotta get her to come home with me."  I said while winking. "Give me 10 minutes."

I spotted Allie at the end of the bar laughing. I got to make my move. I walked over to her. "Hey good looking, you want  to come back to my place tonight?" She stared at me. No response. "Hellllo?" I said again.


Allie's POV

Zayn just asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. Was this some kind of joke?! How could he not remember me, our love, our memories? I decided to say yes,  I was going to make him eat his heart out; he wasn't getting any of this tonight. "Uh, yeah sure. " Muahahah, he doesn't know what's going to happen.

"Alright come on, the boys are in the taxi, let's go love." He said. Oh, same old Zayn. We walked to the taxi, "Wowzers, you got yourself one hot girls zzaynieee." The one with the blonde hair said. "Thanks." I said with a smile. "Ay back off." Zayn replied. I rolled my  eyes and sat by the blonde, he was hott as well.

"Allie this is, Harry, Louis, Liam and that who is staring at you is Niall." I laughed "Hey boys, hey Niallll." I said while winking at Niall. "Oh, and these are our dates for the night, Lisa, Tina, Eleanor, and Danielle." Harry said. "Hey girls." We pulled up to a huge building. "This is our flat." Zayn whispered in my ear while holding me close. I knew that already since his mum, Trisha, would always send pictures to me. "Oh. It's nice."

We all walked into the flat and lou suggested we play truth or dare. We all sat in a circle. Harry asked first, "Lou, I dare you to swap clothes with Eleanor." They went into the bathroom and came out. Louis was deff. stretching out El's dress. And El had to fight to keep her pants up. "Allie, truth or dare?" Louis asked me. "Ah, truth." I said. "Loser, okay, well, what is one fact about you." Before I could think I just blurted out, "Zayn and Me knew each other before he became a huge super star." I looked at everyone's faces, full of shock and than ran out. 

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