Remember Me? (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Allie knew Zayn since they were little babies. They grew up together, and as they grew up feelings developed. But than Zayn left for the X-factor. What happens to them after?


2. Chapter 1

Flashback (4 years ago)

Zayn picked Allie and started to run with her, "Zayn Malik, you put me down!" Allie said. "And what if I don't?" Zayn said cheekily. "Uh. Well. You'll get it" she responded. "Oh okay, I'll put you down." Zayn ran and threw Al in the pool. "ZAYNNN." Your gonna get it. 

Allie got out of the pool and chased Zayn around the yard. "You're to slow. I can out run you anyday." Zayn teased. "Oh you think your so funny." Allie ran as fast as she could and grabbed Zayn's shirt. She forced him to turn around. " I caught  you." Allie whispered than kissed him lightly on the lips.

Zayn smiled and deepened the kiss. 


Present Day

Allie's POV

I sat in my living room with Lucy and Kevin watching MTV. "Next up, an interview with One Direction." The interviewer said. "UGHHH." I groaned and changed the channel. "Hey, why'd you do that Al? I wanted to watch them." Lucy said. "Well sorry I don't care about a bunch of teens who mess around and don't really care about anything but money and fame." "Harsh..." Lucy mumbled under her breath. "I'm right with you Al!" Kevin said. I just smiled. 

"So, guys what do you want to do tonight?"  I asked. "Oh! That new club Spikes is opening today! It's supposed to be amazing. Let's go!" Lucy said excitedly. Me and Kevin agreed. "Well, let's all get ready, meet back here around 8ish? And tell Quinn!" I told Luc. 

I hopped in the shower and started to sing. I'm seriously tone death, Zayn had all the talent. Ah, shit, I'm not supposed to think about him. When I got out of the shower it was 6:45. Shit! I thought. I quickly blow dried my hair and started to use my wand on it. I like loose waves, but today I did tight. I started on my makeup: a smokey eye and a nude lip. I was looking hot so far. I called Quinn. "Hey babe, you're coming to Spikes tonight right?" I asked Q. "Yeah of course!" she responded. "Good, so should I wear my black dress with red heals or plum color dress with black heels?" "Deff the plum color! You look hot in that" She said. "Alright, thanks sweets, bye!"

I got off the phone and put on my dress. I walked downstairs and checked the time. 7:55. Quinn, Lucy and Kevin should be here soon. I sat on the couch waiting for them. *Ding Dong* I opened the door and they walked in. "Oi, Mami you are looking finnnnnne." Kevin said. I laughed. Kevin always had a thing for me. He's really cute too, but we're too good of friends. 

We hopped in Kevin's range rover and started driving. Scream n Shout came on so we all started singing. We got to the club and the bouncer just let us in. 

"I got the first round of shots!" Quinn called. While she went to get the shots I went to the bathroom. I started walking but I froze as soon as I saw the one and only Zayn Malik laughing with all of his mates.

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